The New Bruce Dickinson Album “The Mandrake Project” is Out

Metal fans around the world rejoice. Long long-awaited album The Mandrake Project by Iron Maidens’ Bruce Dickinson is out today (Mar 01, 2024). The Mandrake Project is the first big rock or metal album of March. Even more importantly, the 2024 release is the first Bruce Dickinson album since 2005. Dickinson collaborated on songwriting for the album with Roy Z, and just the production for the album almost took 5 years.

We could already hear the first two songs that Bruce Dickenson chose for singles from The Mandrake Project. “Afterglow of Ragnarok” was released on November 30, and the second single “Rain on the Graves” was released on January 25.

Teaming up with Bruce Dickinson for the Mandrake Project brought some seriously talented musicians into the mix. Roy Z rocked out on bass and guitar for the album, while Dave Moreno was on drums. Mistheria worked the magic on keyboards, Chris Declerq played solo on “Rain on the Graves,” and the woodwind wizard Sergio Cuadros took part in “Eternity Has Failed.”

The 2024 album is Bruce Dickinson’s seventh studio album. Bruce as usual took the role of lead vocal, and he also played bongo drums, guitar, keyboards, and percussions. The album was produced by Roy Z.

Tracklist for Bruce Dickinson’s The Mandrake Project

🔷 Afterglow of Ragnarok
🔷 Many Doors to Hell
🔷 Rain on the Graves
🔷 Resurrection Men
🔷 Fingers in the Wounds
🔷 Eternity Has Failed
🔷 Mistress of Mercy
🔷 Face in the Mirror
🔷 Shadow of the Gods
🔷 Sonata (Immortal Beloved)

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The Maiden legend released his last album Tyranny of Souls 19 years ago. This is the largest pause between albums for him since the beginning of his solo career. We hope we won’t have to wait another eternity after 2024 for the next Bruce Dickinson album.

The Mandrake Project on Spotify

The album is available on all of the popular platforms from YouTube to Apple Music. You can also stream it on Spotify.

Will Bruce Dickinson Perform Live in 2024?

Hell Yes! Get ready for the upcoming summer because Bruce Dickinson is set to take the stage at some of the music festivals across Europe, and he will also perform in the USA, Mexico, and Brazil as well. The Live tour for 2024 should start on April 15 from the States – The Observatory in Orange County, USA (buy a ticket), and should finish in Athens, Greece on July 21 – Release Athens 2024 festival.

I’m providing below some of the dates of the interesting music festivals in Europe. Mark your calendars for an unforgettable experience at:

  • Mystic Festival in Gdańsk, Poland, from May 5th to 8th
  • An Evening with Bruce Dickinson in Glasgow, Scotland, on May 18th
  • Summerside Festival in Grenchen, Switzerland, on June 22
  • Hellfest in France from June 27th to 30th
  • Rockharz Festival in Germany from July 3rd to 6th
  • Release Athens 2024 festival in Greece on July 21st

I recommend you check the website for the full list of the planned live performances.

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