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About Us

Music Nonstop Today is a project of VBU Consulting LLC. Our website is: musicnonstop.today.

Vision Statement for “Music Nonstop Today” – Celebrating the Vibrant Sounds of the World

At Music Nonstop Today, we envision a dynamic and culturally enriching music magazine dedicated to showcasing the captivating and diverse musical tapestry of the world. Our magazine seeks to be a premier destination for enthusiasts and newcomers, as well as for professionals, offering a comprehensive exploration of the rich musical heritage emanating from the planet Earth.

Celebrating Diversity

Our vision is to celebrate the abundant cultural diversity of the world through the universal language of music. By covering modern music and fresh stories, we aim to spotlight the intricate melodies and rhythms that define the musical landscape of each world nation and capture the essence of each unique musical heritage.

Connecting Communities

Music has an incredible power to connect people across borders and bridge cultural gaps. At Music Nonstop Today, we strive to foster a sense of unity by sharing the stories of musicians, artists, and bands from different countries. By doing so, we hope to create a platform that facilitates cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.

We aspire to stay at the forefront of this evolution by showcasing contemporary artists who infuse their work with modern influences, creating a fusion of old and new. Our magazine will track the latest trends, innovative collaborations, and boundary-pushing genres reshaping the world music scene.

Preserving Heritage

Music Nonstop Today is committed to preserving the world’s musical heritage for future generations. Through in-depth features, interviews, reviews, news, and exploratory articles, we aim to document the history and evolution of popular music. By doing so, we hope to contribute to the world’s cultural legacy and ensure that its music continues to thrive.

Educating and Inspiring

We believe in the power of music to educate, inspire, and broaden horizons. Our magazine will not only introduce readers to the melodies of the world but also provide context, insights, and resources for those seeking to delve deeper into this rich musical realm. We aim to be an educational hub, offering readers a chance to learn about the instruments, styles, and cultural significance that define music worldwide.

A Collaborative Platform

Music Nonstop Today will be a collaborative platform that welcomes musicians, scholars, enthusiasts, and readers to contribute their insights, stories, and experiences. By fostering a sense of community, we aim to create a space where voices from various parts of the world can come together to celebrate and explore the musical treasures.

In Summary

Music Nonstop Today is dedicated to illuminating the extraordinary musical heritage of the world packed in a modern flame by the new generations. Through our engaging content, thoughtful curation, and commitment to authenticity, we strive to be a beacon of inspiration, education, and cultural celebration for all captivated by this region’s enchanting melodies. Join us on a musical journey that knows no boundaries—where the world’s music plays nonstop.

Basic Direction

We tend to build a service that will be the ultimate information center for popular music. We love the music and enjoy spreading the word about new releases, outstanding albums and songs, remarkable artists, and hidden gems. We love music events (concerts, gigs, music festivals, and conferences).

Focus of Interest

We would not establish a framework for our research, promotion, and evangelistic activities related to music. Our appetites and needs to explore good music are based on the different musical styles from different regions and parts of the world.

Our main area of interest is popular music from the Balkans, created and performed by local artists. But our exploration doesn’t end there. We’re also keen on studying major global music hubs, including one of the leading music industries in the world, the United States and the UK.

Basic Music Sensibility

We have no mental barriers in research activities and an appetite for learning about interesting music releases, events, incidents, rumors, and everything related to music, and we can have the money. However, our main focus on music genres and styles are related keywords:

  • Pop
  • Latin
  • R&B/Hip-Hop
  • Rock
  • Dance

Meet The Team

We are a team of passionate music lovers who want to share our insights and opinions with you, our loyal readers. Here is a brief introduction of our team members:

Editorial Virtuoso Vasil: With a keyboard/pen as his wand, Vasil conjures compelling articles that dive deep into the lives of artists and the essence of their music. Vasil is our editor-in-chief and founder of Music Nonstop Today. He has been a music enthusiast since he was a kid. He founded the initiative VBU Music Registry, which celebrates ten years of existence in 2023. He covers various genres as a journalist, but his real love is hip-hop and all his modern derivates. He is always on the lookout for new and exciting artists, and he loves to discover hidden gems and underrated classics. Vasil also interviews musicians, producers, and critics about their work and their views on the music industry.

Research Maven and WordPress Governer Dejan: Our senior writer and reviewer is Dejan. He has a keen ear quality and a sharp eye for detail. He writes in-depth reviews of albums, singles, and features and profiles of artists and bands. He has a diverse taste in music but a soft spot for rock, grange, crossover, and metal. Dejan is a deputy editor at Music Nonstop Today. He is a core team member in the initiative VBU Music Registry and a writer of IT-related articles for IT.mk.

Meet Sandra, our literary maestro of Translation. In the magical realm where words transcend boundaries, Sandra wields her linguistic wand as the Translator for our music blog. With a passion for language and music that resonates in every syllable, she weaves the stories of articles into English, ensuring that the vibrant stories of music reach every corner of the world. Sandra’s translations connect cultures through the universal language of music, from local and regional rhythms to global harmonies.

Join us as we embark on a sonic journey, exploring melodies, sharing stories, and celebrating the universal language that is music. From the latest chart-toppers to niche symphonies, Music Nonstop Today is your backstage pass to the captivating world of sound.


Joining our musical chorus, these external voices infuse our blog with a range of insights. Musicians, critics, and enthusiasts alike, they each add a distinct note to our harmonious symphony, creating a global cadence that resonates with every music lover. Each of them has inserted their pebble into the mosaic called Music Nonstop Today, and we are grateful to every one of them.

  • Maksim Buraliev
  • Zlatko Angeleski
  • Jovana Lonchar
  • Urosh Veljkovic
  • Nenad Georgievski