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Music is our passion. Immersing ourselves in and observing the world of music is an integral part of our daily lives. Given this natural inclination, creating a modern music magazine in a digital format was a seamless endeavour for us in order to share news from the world of music with everyone who shares an interest in it.

We would not make any restrictions regarding the choice of content that would limit us to only broadcast about the world of music from Macedonia. On the contrary, appetites for good music and interesting information from its world are much greater. Our focus is within the global music industry and the world of music in general. However, our primary interest in this context is the region, defined by the geolocation of the Balkan Peninsula.

Of course, the Macedonian version is designed for individuals worldwide who understand the Macedonian language. Certain content in this version will be tailored to the musical landscape within Macedonia.
Within the English version, we will publish content that we believe will be interesting for the audience in the region, encompassing countries from the southern part of Slovenia to the European part of Turkey and from Romania to Greece (the Balkan Peninsula). While our primary focus is on our favourite peninsula, we aspire to have a broader presence beyond its borders and will strive for that. For Macedonian performers, authors, promoters, publishers, and all those involved in the music industry, this version of the website serves as a platform for sharing information with an audience that may not understand the Macedonian language. This provides an excellent opportunity for additional promotion of Macedonian artists and music professionals seeking to work and expand their reach beyond the borders of Macedonia.

You can download the pack with several variants of the logo in English and Macedonian. The files are in PNG format and with a transparent background.

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Key Information

Music Nonstop Today Site Image
  • Date of birth: 07/09/023
  • Vision: Our dream is to become the ultimate source of information related to popular contemporary music created in the Balkans.
  • Goals: To become the of and for Balkan contemporary pop music.

Magazine specifics

The content is organized into multiple categories that reflect the different dimensions of the music content we create and publish.

  • Editorial content
    • Articles, reviews, interviews, and features covering a wide range of music genres and topics.
    • Opinions and columns from music critics and experts.
    • Music news about artists, bands, and the industry.
  • Multimedia content
    • Music video premieres and exclusive footage from promotions and music events.
  • Album and song reviews
    • Detailed reviews of newly released albums, singles, and music videos.
    • Ratings, recommendations, and reviews from music journalists and critics.
  • Artist Profiles
    • Detailed profiles of artists and bands, including biographies, discographies, and photos.
    • Specifics of emerging or independent musicians.
  • Event Coverage
    • Reviews and coverage of music festivals, concerts, and events.
  • Curating playlists
    • Curated playlists featuring new music, songs specific to genres of interest, or themed selections.
    • Playlists generated by third media from the Balkans.
  • Interactive Features
    • Music polls.
    • User comments and discussions on published articles and reviews.
  • Music innovations
    • Recommendations for new musical experiences.
    • Opportunities to discover new artists.
  • Interviews
    • Exclusive interviews with musicians, producers, and industry insiders.
    • A behind-the-scenes look at the creative process.
  • Streaming integration
    • Integration with music listening and song-sharing platforms directly from our web magazine.
    • Links to external streaming services for full listening.
  • Genres and musical styles
    • Content and recommendations specific to priority genres.
    • Headings, sections, or categories dedicated to different musical genres and styles.
  • Educational resources
    • Content on music history and profiles of influential musicians.
  • Newsletter and subscription services
    • Newsletter subscriptions for new content.
  • Social media integration
    • Integration of popular social media for content sharing and engagement of published content.
  • Search and navigation
    • Advanced search functionality to quickly find articles, artists, songs, albums, events or specific content.
    • Easy navigation with well-organized categories and keywords (tags).
  • Design suitable for modern devices
    • Mobile-friendly design for seamless access to a variety of modern devices, including smartphones and tablets.
  • Analysis and insights into user needs
    • Tools to track user engagement, popular content, and reader demographics.
    • Data-driven insights to improve the content creation strategy.
  • Feedback and Contact
    • Contact form and feedback mechanisms for user questions and suggestions.
    • Surveys to collect user feedback on improvements.