The Montenegrin “Who See” released their fifth album “Kako jeste i kako je moglo”

Who See

Some excellent news for the hip-hop lovers in the region. The latest release of the popular Montenegrin hip-hop artist Who See (YouTube channel) has finally arrived under the title “Kako jeste i kako je moglo” (Translation: How it is and How it Could Be). This long-awaited release saw the light of day on 16/10/2023, on the band’s official YouTube channel. The album was released by the Klapa Muzik label.

Dejan Dedovic, known as Dedduh, and Mario Djordjevic, known as Noyz, have prepared an abundance of interesting material for their audience. This project also stands out for its striking collaborations. The new album features some of the biggest names from the regional music scene: Senidah, Random, Edo Maajka, Alejuandro Buendija, Niggor, Baby Motorola and Kate, among others, while the production is signed by the popular duo and the Django HiFi collective.

Who See has released a myriad of singles over the past few years. This is Who See’s first album in a long time ending the hiatus since 2017’s “Pamidor”. The album “Kako jeste i kako je moglo” represents a new musical venture of this duo. One that will certainly meet expectations and delight fans of their music.

The latest album “Kako jeste i kako je moglo” is an effort to merge and mix old and new, combining contemporary hip-hop sound with what is now known as “Old School”. The duo brings the authentic sound, and mixes it with humor, while the lyrics also incorporate deep and meaningful social aspects. Dedduh and Noyz offer a distinctive and authentic perspective, complemented by a sound that renders their album an imperative listen for hip-hop enthusiasts within the region.

Dedduh and Noyz exhibit their specific sense of humor, which is recognizable in their lyrics. Their rhymes often contain witty and intelligent wordplay, creating a refreshing dose of humor that surely makes listeners laugh. At the same time, their songs contain deeper messages and criticisms concerning social issues and current events. Through their rhymes, Who See brings a fresh new look at the world around us, expressing their views and providing the audience with a musical experience that is both fun and engaging.

The message to all the music fans from the duo and the publisher is simple: “Enjoy the new rhythms and exciting collaborations that this album brings!

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