“Nikogash Pak” – Funk Shui’s Latest Album

Funk Shui - Nikogash pak (Never Again)

Funk Shui released their latest album “Nikogash pak” (Never Again) on 31/03/2023. This album is a celebration of the union between funk and rock genres, resulting in a harmonious blend that defines the band’s signature sound. The band’s members are: Luka Gjorgievski, Mihail Namichev, Martina Barakoska and Dragi Ivanov.

Членовите на бендот Фанк шуи

Luka Gjorgievski has left an indelible mark on Funk Shui’s new album as a vocalist, pianist, guitarist, and lyricist. His expertise has also been channelled into collaborations with other artists, such as Chista Okolina’s single “Vrie Makedonec” (An enraged Macedonian).

Ben Milchev lent his expertise to the album’s mixing and mastering. The lyrics were written by the band members themselves. Among the album’s gems is the ninth track “Ne vreme”, which features a collaboration with Vera Miloshevska Josifovska, better known as Vera Ljubojna. Four singles from the album were released in the previous years, spanning from 2018 to 2021.

Funk Shui have released two more albums with Aether and R.E.M in 2012 and 2015. Their popularity started to grow significantly after the release of their third album.

They filled the summer season with several performances at music festivals throughout Macedonia, such as the D-Festival, the Wine Festival in Ohrid, “When in Krusevo” and others.

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