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Funk Shui Unveils Music Video for “Chaj”

One of the most popular music groups in N. Macedonia, Funk Shui, unveiled the new video for their song “Chaj” (Tea) on 08/11. This track is part of Funk Shui’s latest album, “Nikogash Pak” (Never Again), which was released in 2023.

The music and lyrics of “Chaj,” as well as other songs by Funk Shui, are the result of a collaborative effort among all the group’s members. Funk Shui consists of Luka Gjorgievski on vocals, guitars, and keyboards; Mihail Namichev on bass and keyboards; David Nikolovski on drums; Stefan Momic on percussion instruments, and Martina Barakoska on drums. For the production of “Chaj,” the Funk Shui members were joined by Ben Milchev, who was also responsible for the audio-mixing.

The music video for Funk Shui’s “Chaj” is a captivating collage of footage captured during the band’s summer tours. The band members took on the roles of cameramen for the video, and additional recordings were contributed by Stefan Trpeski, Gjorgi Vacev, Vladimir Mitrevski, Metodija Atanasovski, and Lubna Churic.

About Funk Shui

Funk Shui is a Macedonian rock band that was established in 2010. They released their debut album “Aether” in 2012. Subsequently, in 2015, they unveiled the album “R.E.M,” followed by the release of “Impuls” in 2018.

Their most recent album, “Nikogash Pak,” was released in 2023. Several music videos have already been released for songs from this album, including “Fu_k Shui,” “Magla,” “Na Vreme,” and “Meteori”.

Funk Shui has been featured in various showcase programs, including MENT Ljubljana, the Athens Music Week, and the PIN Music Conference. Notably, in 2021, they were finalists for the HEMI Music Award.

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