Mili x Connect - Adio Mare

“Adio Mare” by Mili, Connect and Dj Architect

The song “Adio Mare” by Mili was released on YouTube on 29/09/2023. Despite being released shortly after the end of summer, the song carries a summery vibe. Notably, the song features guest appearances by Connect and Dj Architect. This marks the first collaboration between Milli, Dj Architect, and Connect.

The song “Adio Mare” also comes with an impressive music video. The video was created by Edi Kanuric and DoubleM, showcasing a dynamic and attention-grabbing visual experience to complement the music.

The song credits Dj Architect and Senad Bislimi as the music composers, with Senad Bislimi handling the arrangement, audio-mixing, and mastering. The lyrics were written by Marko Milivojev – Mili, Ivan Drazic – Gidra, and Jura Blazevic.

More on Connect

The band Connect has built a notable presence in the music industry and is recognized for their collaborations with the renowned rapper and producer Coby. Their standout track, “Jack and Johnny,” was released in 2016 and has garnered over 45 million views on YouTube and more than 11 million streams on Spotify.

Geto Djevojka” marked the band’s last release before their collaboration with Milli and Dj Architect. The song, featuring Rasta on the chorus, went viral during its release period.

Despite a 10-month gap in 2023, “Adio Mare” marked Connect’s first release of the year. They also made an appearance at the prestigious Belgrade Music Week 23, one of the biggest festivals in Belgrade. Interestingly, even though Connect is not actively releasing new songs, their previous hits like “Geto Djevojka” and “Jack and Johnny” still resonated with festival-goers, who sang along word for word.

More on Mili

Mili, who has been actively involved in music for over 5 years, boasts an extensive catalogue of songs. Several of his tracks have become Balkan hits, amassing millions of views. Among his early releases, “Grmi” stands out as his most popular song, with over 82 million views on YouTube.

“Loka,” “Havana,” “Lerdi,” and “Stracciatella” are some of the songs that have left a significant mark on Mili’s career. These tracks have accumulated millions of views and are frequently played in discos and nightclubs.

Divlja” is Mili’s most recent song, released two months before “Adio Mare.” However, it seems to have garnered less interest and fewer listens compared to the song “ТМSNN“.

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