Borba soap (Djordje Kain and Bolje Losh music video)

Djordje “Kain” and “Bolji Losh” have music videos

DjordjeKain” (English: Cain) and “Bolji Losh” got music videos. Almost a year has passed since the release of the album “Borba” by Djordje, also known as Klinac. Despite the opinion that releasing a music video for a previously launched song is not wise, Djordje holds a different perspective. He released two new music videos for the songs “Bolji Losh” and “Kain,” which have been compiled into a single unit and released on YouTube.

Such release of music videos for Djordje’s songs “Bolji losh” and “Kain” is characteristic of the Balkan music scene. It’s not the first time Djordje has done it. While “Nije mi problem” and “Zovi Advokata” from the album “Borba” share a YouTube video, each maintains its distinct music video.

We should mention that the lyrics, audio-mixing, and mastering of the songs “Bolji losh” and “Kain” are by Djordje Charkic (Djordje). The only help he received for the production of the song “Kain” was from Vedran Todorovic (Kowe).

Djordje – “Bolji Losh”

The first part of the video contains the music video for the song “Bolji Losh”. It superbly excels in every aspect. The biggest inspiration for the music video came from the movies The Matrix and Fight Club.

Inspired by the soaps in the movie “Fight Club“, Djordje made his soaps with the word “Borba” written on them. You can find them on Bassivity’s website, and you can buy them bundled with a CD and T-shirt.

Djordje – “Kain”

The second part of the video is for Djordje’s song “Kain”. The name of this song is the name of the biblical character Cain, who killed his brother out of jealousy. Djordje also mentions that in part of the song.

The music video for Djordje’s song “Kain” does not lag behind the first video for the song “Bolji Losh” in terms of quality. This music video is of high technical quality. Comparatively, it rivals world-class music videos.

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