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“Ispred Kina Kulture” is the Latest Single of the Montenegrin Rapper Random

Ispred Kina Kulture” is the latest single released by Montenegrin rapper Random. This new song marks the third announcement for the upcoming album titled “Origano“. Notably, along with the single’s release featuring an impressive video, there’s news that the new album will be available tomorrow, specifically on Wednesday, 29/11/2023.

The track “Ispred Kina Kulture” by Random was produced by Knowhere2run. The accompanying music video was crafted by “SVL Films,” with the realization done by “Beats Per Montenegro“.

The music video is designed to evoke nostalgia for a bygone era. Unfortunately, the mentioned location, Kino Kultura in Podgorica, Montenegro, no longer exists. The music video utilizes recordings and photos from Momira Matović’s private archive and excerpts from the film “Jedan dan zivota” to nostalgically remind Podgorica’s residents of the now-defunct iconic place.

“Kino Kultura, a cult cinema, was established in 1949 on IV Proleterska street number 1, situated at the heart of the capital. Over the years, it became a cherished haven for film enthusiasts, social gatherings, and humor, holding an irreplaceable allure for generations intertwined with the city’s past and enduring spirit. “Ispred Kina Kulture” stands as a nostalgic tribute, offering a glimpse into the former Podgorica. It doesn’t solely focus on the cinema, which was demolished in 2011 but also encapsulates the essence of the era and events that are now a poignant part of the city’s history, forever etched away from the hearts and memories of its citizens”

Preceding the release of the new single, Marco Lubarda, the identity behind the artist Random, introduced tracks titled “Blue Dream Sativa” and “‘Proba“.

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