Aj Lele - 2Bona, Slatkaristika

2Bona and Slatkaristika Together Again with a New Song “Aj Lele”

Aj Lele” is the new song of 2Bona and Slatkaristika. This already known (winning) combination with touch points in the domain of musical sensibility comes again with a new song and a potential hit. Their previous songs “Dijamanti” and “Glavo Luda,” which can be defined as hits, together have more than 16 million views.

The song “Aj Lele” by 2Bona and Slatkaristika together with the music video was released on 05/11/2023 on the Gorilla TV YouTube channel. Fans listening to their music on Spotify had a chance to hear the song 24 hours before it was officially released on YouTube.

Some would say that Slatkaristika’s time has passed, but he is back with the same energy he had ten years ago. He marked the last decade of pop-rap music with his music. It is safe to say that he is one of the few music stars in Macedonia. For us, he is the Macedonian Eminem, perhaps not according to his musical sensibility but rather because of his story related to his musical career.

2Bona, as some prefer to say, are of the newer generation. They often say that they grew up with the music of Slatkaristika and all the other hip-hop artists at the time.

The video was shot in Bulgaria, where they have performed many times. The music of 2Bona and Slatkaristika is liked by listeners from Bulgaria who fill all the discotheques where they perform.

They have several collaborations with Bulgarian artists. Some of them are with Krisko, Fyre, and Bobkata. The songs can still be heard today, not only in discotheques in Bulgaria but also in Macedonia.

The song’s lyrics and music are by Mario Jelic (Kun), Antonio Stojanovski (Bontoni), and Marko Marinkovic (Slatkaristika). The beat is by Kuhn, who together with Lazar Cvetkovski worked on the engineering aspect (audio-mixing and mastering).

The song “Aj Lele” is also available on music streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer, and Apple Music.

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