Voyage Nucci Periferija

Voyage and Nucci released the song “Periferija”

Serbian artists Voyage and Nucci recently debuted their latest song, “Periferija,” (Periphery) on Generation Zed‘s YouTube channel, amassing half a million views within a mere day. Enthusiastic fans of both artists are expressing their joy over the song’s release, bringing Voyage and Nucci into the limelight once again.

Social media platforms are currently buzzing with fervent discussions and widespread sharing as the latest track by the duo continues to enthrall audiences across the Balkans. Over the past few years, this duo has made a significant mark in history with their performances and impressive numbers garnered by their songs.

The creators behind the music and lyrics of “Periferija” are Mihajlo Veruovic (Voyage) and Igor Panic (Nucci). Dalmo credits himself with the beats, audio-mixing, and mastering of the song.

The music video for the song showcases a compelling fusion of footage from their live performances, complemented by exceptional videography from Mario Ilic. It combines energetic live concert shots, capturing the duo’s dynamic stage presence, with fast-paced sequences featuring sports cars, stylish attire, and appearances by models.

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