Rasta’s “3211” Album is Available for Listening

Rasta‘s highly anticipated album, “3211,” has been released and is now accessible to his dedicated fanbase. This album has generated immense excitement among fans. The musical collection named “3211” originating from Rasta’s period in the Belgrade prison, signifies the profound influence of freedom. The seven songs encapsulate raw emotions and the invaluable essence of liberation.

Adding an additional layer of intrigue, the seven songs from Rasta’s album were already generating interest and excitement within the film “3211“. The film featured in cinemas across the Balkans two months prior to the official release of the album, which occurred on 16/11/2023.

Rasta’s album, “3211,” can be found on Balkaton Gang‘s YouTube channel and is also accessible on various popular music streaming platforms. This availability enables fans to fully immerse themselves in Rasta’s distinctive soundscape.

The thematic narrative of freedom is evident in every chord and lyric of Rasta’s “3211” album, vividly portraying its significance in his life. For dedicated fans eagerly anticipating the album’s release, it represents more than just a collection of songs; it’s an immersive experience, offering a journey through Rasta’s life highs and lows.

The film directly extracts Rasta’s “3211” album music videos, essentially integrating them as integral parts of the movie. Undoubtedly, Rasta’s time in prison left profound imprints on his psyche and spirit. The film scenes endeavour to depict Rasta’s experiences during that period through the visual medium of film. Conversely, the album narrates the same story but through the auditory format of music.

As of the current writing (28/11/2023), the track “Pismo” from Rasta’s album “3211” has garnered the highest number of views. The song’s popularity received a significant boost from the social networking platform TikTok. Interestingly, segments of the song were already available on TikTok even before the film debuted in cinemas across the Balkans.

The partial release of the song “Pismo” generated excitement among listeners, leaving many eagerly anticipating the full song’s release. This anticipation likely contributed to the song’s high view count and its prominent position on the YouTube trending list.

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