Rasta’s Movie “3211” Premiered in Belgrade Cinemas

The movie “3211” delves into the life story of the renowned Serbian artist Stefan Djuric – Rasta , who spent several months in prison. The album of the same name as the film includes 7 songs that were penned during his incarceration.

The official trailer was released on 24/08/2023 on the Balkaton Gang YouTube channel.

The first official premiere of the film took place on 19/09 in Belgrade. It was attended by numerous public figures, musicians, and friends of Rasta. Among the notable attendees were Voyage, Corona, Zera, Mili, Teodora Dzehverovic, and Таsko, etc.

The movie “3211” is a true story about a successful musician who one day loses everything and ends up in prison. The film’s main themes revolve around justice, alienation, re-evaluation of life’s priorities, the inner strength that conquers all challenges, and the unwavering desire for freedom.

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