Lincoln Letter Release New Album “Raise the Sails”

Creating an album during the challenging times of the coronavirus pandemic, with band members unable to meet regularly, might seem like a challenging task. However, Lincoln Letter new album, “Raise the Sails“, defies these limitations and delivers an amazing musical journey. Despite the obstacles, the band remains committed to crafting their guitar-driven narrative to the delight of rock music enthusiasts.

The line-up of Lincoln Letter remains unchanged for this edition, with Jakov Naumoski handling vocals and guitar, Borjan Gagovski on bass guitar, Julian Micevski on guitar, and Stefan Sajkovski on drums. The album release was celebrated with a launch event at MKC on 03/09/2023, just a day after the album hit the shelves.

The sound of the new album is a departure from “Bedtime Stories” but still showcases well-executed and produced rock music with a subtle infusion of cinematic elements. While their first album drew inspiration from western movies, this time Lincoln Letter has embarked on a nautical adventure, setting sail on a pirate ship bound for the Caribbean.

Lincoln Letter has already released two videos from the album “Skull and Bone” and “Empire On Fire”.

We talked to Julian Micevski, guitarist of Lincoln Letter, about the creative process behind the making of “Raise the Sail”.

Can you share some information about the creative process behind this album? Did you make it quickly or did it evolve over time?

The creative process behind our second album, “Raise the Sails,” was quite spontaneous and gradual. We faced several challenges along the way, primarily due to the constraints imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, our individual commitments and Jakov’s studies abroad made it difficult for us to work together consistently. We managed to collaborate effectively for several months while Jakov was in Skopje, and we used technology to share musical ideas online throughout the year. As the summer approached, we felt that we had accumulated enough material for a new album. We decided to release “Raise the Sails” by the end of the summer, and it officially came out on 02/09/2023, one day before the concert promotion in MKC, where we were joined by our friends from Peach Vice.

What distinguishes “Raise the Sails” from your previous tracks? Are you venturing into a fresh direction or style with this album?

In “Raise the Sails”, we carry on with our fusion of rock music and cinematic elements. Our recent music videos for the singles “Skull and Bone” and “Empire on Fire” bear witness to this. Unlike our debut album, “Bedtime Stories”, which embraced a western-cowboy aesthetic, “Raise the Sails” immerses listeners in the world of pirates and high-seas adventures!

What are your hopes for how listeners will connect with the album? Is there a particular emotion or concept you want them to take away from it?

As mentioned earlier, individual commitments can occasionally limit our collective band activities. However, we aim for our latest album, “Raise the Sails”, to transfer our audience into the lively world of pirates, entwined with mysterious tales of far-off lands and the depths of the sea. The saga of Lincoln Letter persists, and the tremendous energy we received from our audience during our concert promotion in MKC fuels our inspiration and eagerness to return to the stage as soon as possible!

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