“Doma” by Dina Jashari with Debut Extended Release

"Doma" by Dina Jashari

A standout gem emerges in the form of Dina Jashari’s debut extended release aptly titled “Doma” (Home), which has been available on YouTube since 20/09/2021.

“The song “Doma” came about as a challenge I gave myself to
write a happy song, because until then, all the ones I had written were quite melancholic”

Dina’s specific vocals and singing style are easily recognizable in the songs. As the author of the music and the album’s producer, she extends her creative touch beyond her voice. Dina regularly collaborates with Dragi Ivanov. Ivanov’s role as the sound recorder, audio mixer, and master of the release showcases the dynamic synergy between the two.

“Doma” has five tracks: “Intro”, “Gosti”, “Doma”, “Neshto drugo” and “Toa”. She reveals that she draws inspiration from life events and the people around her. While the remarkable Jashari may not have explicitly referenced the songs from “Doma” in this statement, you can almost completely recognize it in the music and lyrics of this release.

My sensibility is reflected in the music I make. Soft, calm, very sincere and sometimes melancholic. I really like to play with words and vocals, those two elements are at the forefront of my music. I find my stylistic home in the realm of pop, particularly the territories of alternative and dream pop. I write about personal events, moments I want to describe through a song. I am inspired by the circumstances that life brings and the people around me. I’m very glad when people find themselves in my music, it motivates me to keep creating and be honest.

The youthful Dina has a repertoire of quality songs. “Zborovi”, “Boi“, “Kopnezhi“ served as Dina’s introduction to many in the domestic music scene. We hope for much more music from Dina. With the song “Boi”, she was one of the finalists for the 2021 Milan Mladenovic award.

The text is taken from the news agency Меtа.mk. The first post of this text is available here.

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