Toquel’s Music Beyond the Album “1111”

The renowned Greek rapper Toquel launched his latest album titled “1111” on 10/11/2023. The album’s title “1111” or “November 11th” is named after his mother’s birthday. The cover art is a photo of him as a child with his mom.

Toquel’s “1111” is a follow-up to his highly successful album “Beverly Hills,” released in 2022. This new album features eleven tracks, with a few collaborations. The song titled “Ghetto” features a collaboration with FLY LO, while “Fake Love” includes a guest appearance by the artist Rack. Additionally, the track “Allou” is a collaboration with LILA, and Roran joins for the song “Ferma”. Even before the album’s release, Toquel had two hit singles in collaboration with Bloody Hawk, both of which are included in this album: “G63” and “Prosopika Freestyle”.

The album was produced by Beyond who is the producer of some of the biggest hits of the Greek trap/rap scene.

Precursors of “1111” by Toquel: Millions of Views in a Few Months

The collaboration between Toquel and Bloody Hawk resulted in “G63,” the initial hit that marked the introduction of Toquel’s fourth album, “1111”. Initially conceived as a working title, both artists found the name appealing, and consequently, the existing moniker remained unchanged for the song.

Officially, they released “G63” as a precursor to the album on 13/10/2023. However, before its official launch, there was an unauthorized leak of the single. A snippet of the lyrics sung by Toquel in June 2023 surfaced on the social platform TikTok. This small excerpt managed to go viral, sparking significant interest. Despite the early exposure, the single has already attained “platinum” status and has accumulated over 5 million streams on Spotify.

The album includes the single “Prosopika Freestyle,” released on 15/06/2023, which has already amassed approximately 4 million streams.

Toquel’s album “1111” is number one on the Apple Music Top Albums Chart in Cyprus. Nowadays, artists typically release albums on all digital platforms, including Spotify.

About Toquel

This guy is a true musical phenomenon – not only with his most recent studio album but also with his hard work to deliver great music to the Balkans (and the world). But what do we know about him? Let’s find out!

Toquel’s Albums

Toquel has released several albums throughout his career, with some achieving significant success in Greece. His album “777” reached number one on the Greek charts. Some of his other notable releases include “Ligo Parapano,” “Beverly Hills,” and his most recent album, “1111.”

Toquel’s Best Songs (Audience Picks)

Fans have identified several of Toquel’s songs as his best. These include “Karolina,” “Playboy,” “Fendi,” “Rollie,” “Aftoktonia,” “Beverly Hills” (matching the album title), “OAED,” and “Kokkina Matia.” This list provides a good starting point for exploring Toquel’s most popular work and getting a sense of the music that resonates with his audience.

Toquel’s Private Life (and Real Name)

Real Name: Klaudjo Dhespo
Origin: Albanian rapper based in Greece
Family background: His family emigrated from Albania to Greece when he was young.

How Toquel Got His Stage Name?

Klaudjo was inspired by a local Chania therapist who helped him deal with panic attacks when he was younger. In his honor, the young rapper decided to use a stage name inspired by his therapist.

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