“Origano” is the New Album of Montenegrin Rapper Random

Random Origano

Random, a prominent musician in Montenegro, unveiled his new album titled “Origano“. The rapper, who is one of the most active musicians lately, worked with the production duo Knowhere2run on the album’s release, which occurred on 29/11/2023.

The album “Origano” by Random comprises a total of 16 new songs. Before the album’s release, the audience had the chance to listen to the singles “Blue Dream Sativa,” “Proba’,” and “Ispred Kina Kulture“. The production, audio-mixing, and mastering of the release were conducted at Knowhere2run studio.

“Origano” is available across various platforms including YouTube Music, Tidal, Spotify, and Deezer. For those willing to support Random directly, the album can be purchased on Bandcamp.

“Origano” marks a new chapter in Random’s career, presenting a remarkably hard yet melodic and emotional album, where Random stands out with his authentic lyrics enriched with unique rhymes and stream of consciousness.

Each song encapsulates profound emotions and narrates a unique story, allowing Random to express his thoughts in a distinct manner through this musical project.

Random’s adeptness in articulating multifaceted emotions through both melody and lyrics transforms “Origano” into more than just a musical endeavor, evolving it into a profound emotional odyssey for its listeners.

This album brings an authentic blend of talent, passion and creativity, and Random’s eloquence and originality enrich every song in this impressive collection. Through subcultural expression, this album represents a significant contribution to the contemporary independent music and cultural scene.

Guests on the album are Djuro Franeta, Ronaldo Maksimum, and Who See. Stefan Pavichevic on saxophone and Milica Divanovic on vocals also participated. The Organisation for the Protection of Rights of Music Authors of Montenegro and Nikola Rajovic / Beats Per Montenegro participated in the implementation of the project.

Random has already presented three music videos from the “Origano” album. These are music videos for the songs “Blue Dream Sativa,” “Proba’,” and “Ispred Kina Kulture“.

Random had released five projects as part of the rap duo “Djej Djej Okocha”. Additionally, he independently released three EPs. “Origano” marks his second studio solo album following “Eo Vidji.”

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