Blink-182 will Release the Album “One More Time…” after a Seven-year Hiatus

After a seven-year hiatus, Blink-182, the iconic pop-punk/rock band of the early 2000s, is returning with its ninth studio album, “One More Time…,” officially released on October 20, 2023, under the Columbia Records label.

The album will end the band’s seven-year hiatus and heralds the legendary line-up’s return – with guitarist and vocalist Tom DeLonge, bassist and vocalist Mark Hoppus, and Travis Barker on drums.

The Story Behind “One More Time…”

The story behind the new album is nearly as compelling as the music itself. The unexpected reunion of the band’s line-up came as a surprise, especially after bassist Mark Hoppus disclosed his lymphoma diagnosis in 2021. Strikingly, this health challenge catalyzed the trio to put aside their differences. The zenith of this evolution is marked by Tom DeLonge’s return to the band. In the eponymous track “One More Time…,” the band members candidly express their sentiments regarding their past disagreements, separations, and reunions, the enduring bonds of friendship, and the shared experiences and hardships they’ve endured together.

Promotion Of The Album

The promotion of the album has already started. The band announced the release of five promotional singles, of which four have already been released – “Edging,” “One More Time,” “More Than You Know,” and “Dance with Me.” The fifth one, “Fell in Love,” will be released on October 20, 2023. Fans of the band will notice a new energy and will also be able to hear the evolution of Blink-182’s sound.

The album will have seventeen songs and a total length of less than forty-five minutes.

In a way, Blink-182’s “One More Time…” is more than a music collection. The album is proof of their endurance and perseverance, but also their creativity.

A music video has been promptly released for the album’s title track, “One More Time…”. This video evokes a sense of nostalgia, serving as a reminiscent journey through the band’s musical evolution, paralleling their previously released videos. In another song, “More Than You Know,” Blink-182 rekindles their signature sound with amplified guitars. At the same time, the emphatic chorus, “I don’t feel pain, but I feel more than you’d ever know,” reaffirms their presence in the pop-punk genre and reminds some listeners of their classification as emo-punk.

Creating and promoting this album effectively commenced with collaborating on the “reunion” tour. The band’s original and seemingly favored lineup has given birth to a more intimate and perhaps the most candid album in their discography. Within this album, they openly sing about their interpersonal relationships and emotions while maintaining the signature touch of light-heartedness and playfulness they’ve been renowned for.

As the album’s release date draws near, millions of eagerly-awaiting fans are counting down the days to savor the fresh melodies of Blink-182. Their return to the studio underscores that music is a nostalgic reflection of the past and a vibrant force that can mold the future. We can’t wait to revel in their new music and witness their comeback to the stage.

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