“The Back of Beyond” – sonic odyssey of Dimushevski

„The Back of Beyond“ - Kokan Dimushevski

Promotion of the album „The Back of Beyond“
Date: 20/09/2023
Location: Audiokultura, Skopje
Organizer: Corpus Delicti Records

In a transcendent evening that will forever echo in the annals of music history, in a quiet spectacle of an artistic fusion, the world was presented with the enchanting melodies of Kokan Dimushevski’s album “The Back of Beyond”. That beautiful night of 20/09/2023, “Audiokultura” in Skopje was imbued with a palpable sense of anticipation as it hosted the momentous launch of the first vinyl release of Kokan Dimushevski as an independent author and performer.

Kokan Dimushevski, renowned for his role in the legendary quartet Lebi i Sol, has embarked on a captivating journey in the realms of electronic and experimental music in his solo endeavors. Through the vinyl release of “The Back of Beyond,” he extends an invitation to explore the ethereal soundscapes of electronic music enriched by the harmonious nuances of jazz and the liberating force of improvisation.

The album was created in only ten days

The album is another proof of Kokan Dimushevski’s virtuosity, as he weaves a sound carpet that includes the enchanting sound of the double bass, the rhythmic pulsations of the electronic drums and the mesmerizing appeal of the piano (keyboards). Crafted during the turbulent Covid pandemic, this masterpiece was born in a burst of creative fervor, spreading its sonic wings in an incredibly short span of ten days.

“The Back of Beyond” presents an impressive collection of eight songs (originally intended to be ten), each serving as a testament to Dimushevski’s limitless musical talent. Through every note, he encourages us to transcend the constraints of time and space, embarking on an auditory journey that captures the essence of his improvisational prowess, even within recorded tracks.

Dimushevski’s first vinyl release as a solo artist

The publisher Corpus Delicti Records, led by executive producer Toshe Filipovski, has heralded the arrival of this vinyl edition as a momentous occasion. This release signifies a pivotal milestone in Kokan Dimushevski’s solo career, providing audiences with a unique opportunity to engage with his artistic journey immortalized on vinyl.

Vinyl distribution in Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia

As the record needle delicately traces the vinyl’s grooves, audiences in Macedonia, Serbia, and Croatia will be transported to the enchanting realms of Kokan Dimushevski’s latest album. The publisher has unveiled the specifics of three special variations of this vinyl edition, which are now being distributed and accessible in these three countries.

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