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Episode #02: Interview With Jimi Bell

Subtitle: Jimi’s Musical Odyssey: From Drummer to Guitar Virtuoso (Jimi Bell interview)
Podcast: Denim and Leather
Host: Urosh Veljkovic
Guest: Jimi Bell
Released on: February 21, 2024
Duration: 92 minutes

In episode two of the Denim and Leather podcast, renowned musician Jimi Bell took listeners on a captivating journey through his illustrious musical career. Here’s a summary of Jimi’s fascinating anecdotes and experiences.

Early Inspirations

Jimi’s musical journey began with a fascination for drums, inspired by the sounds of big band music from the 1940s and 1950s.

He later discovered his love for the guitar after experimenting with a friend’s instrument, citing legendary jazz drummer Gene Krupa and iconic guitarists like Johnny Winter and Ritchie Blackmore as major influences.

Band Ventures

Jimi founded his first band, Tree Beard, in the 1970s, initially playing cover songs before transitioning to an all-original band called Joined Forces, which gained popularity in the local music scene.

Joined Forces scored a tour with Joan Jett, opening for her on the East Coast and later featuring as her backing band in the movie “Light of Day.”

Life on the Road

Jimi reminisced about the excitement and challenges of touring, including the nomadic lifestyle of living out of a suitcase and navigating without modern conveniences like GPS or cell phones.

Beyond Purple and Ozzy Osbourne Audition

Despite setbacks, Jimi’s passion for music endured, leading him to perform in bands like Beyond Purple, a tribute band covering Deep Purple, Rainbow, and Whitesnake.

He recounted a missed opportunity to join Ozzy Osbourne’s band due to a last-minute audition with Ozzy Osbourne, reflecting on the unconventional audition process and his eventual loss to Zach Wild.

Jimi Bell author of the “Master of Insanity” by Black Sabbath

In the interview, Jimi Bell discussed the creation of “Master of Insanity,” a song he wrote that was recorded by Black Sabbath featuring Ronnie James Dio. This has been confirmed by Ronnie and by Geezer Butler in his book “Into the Void: From Birth to Black Sabbath – And Beyond” (Page 219) published in 2023.

Story About The Shredneck

Jimi Bell is the inventor of the Shredneck. Hear from the inventor personally the story about the Shredneck.

Collaborations and Solo Projects

Jimi discussed his collaborations with various persons including musicians as well. These included David Wayne. He also talked about his involvement with bands like House of Lords and Autograph. Jimi was involved with these bands for solo projects.

He shared insights into his work as a studio musician. Jimi Bell contributed to projects for sports giants like NASCAR, ESPN, and wrestling organizations. He even mentioned his invention, the “Shredneck.” This is a tool for guitarists to practice finger exercises.

Challenges With the Recording Industry

The conversation concluded with Jimi Bell expressing frustration and confusion. He was particularly troubled by the modern recording industry. This included issues with digital releases and streaming platforms like Spotify. Additionally, he discussed the complexities of receiving royalties.

Watch the Full Interview With Jimi Bell

The summary written in this article can’t replace the full interview in which Jimi tells fantastic stories mentioning bands, such as Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osborne. We recommend sitting back, relaxing, and watching this 92-minute Jimi Bell interview on the Denim and Leather podcast – episode #02, hosted by Urosh Veljkovic.

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