Jimi Bell, the Inventor of Shredneck

Jimi Bell (www.jimibell.com) is an American musician, guitarist, and composer, known for his many roles, including that of an inventor of the Shredneck.

He was born on January 31, 1958, in Manchester, Connecticut, and has developed a passion for music since childhood. He attributes his love for music to his parents who, when he was a child, played records for him to fall asleep.

“I knew from an early age that I wanted to be a musician.”

says Jimi Bell in an interview for myampmusic.

Although he explored various instruments, he eventually settled on the guitar. Bell is a prominent left-handed guitarist, placing him among esteemed companies such as Jimi Hendrix, Albert King, and Paul McCartney.

In the 1980s, Jimmi Bell joined the band Joined Forces, which toured with Joan Jett. This collaboration also led to his participation in the film Light of Day. In the film, Bell starred and played in the band The Hunzz, which featured Joan Jett.

Music Author of the Song “Master of Insanity” by Black Sabbath

In 1987, Ozzy Osbourne auditioned for Bell as a guitarist for his band but ultimately chose Zakk Wylde instead. However, his audition caught the attention of bassist Geezer Butler, renowned as the bassist and songwriter for Black Sabbath. Bell later joined “The Geezer Butler Band” (GZR) and is credited as an “unsigned” writer of the song “Master of Insanity” from Black Sabbath’s album “Dehumanizer”. He has collaborated with numerous notable musicians, including Cannata, David Wayne, and Thunderhead.

Current Guitarist of Several Bands

As of July 2019, he is the lead guitarist of the band Autograph. Since 2005, he has been part of the hard rock band House of Lords.

As of February 2024, Jimi Bell serves as a guitarist in multiple bands, including Beyond Purple, Bottoms Up, Diamondback, Maxx Explosion, Rob Rock, Straight Shooter, and Wicked Gypsies. Additionally, he contributes to recording music for ESPN, NASCAR, and WWE.

As of March 2020, Bell is a member of the New England Music Hall of Fame.

What is Shredneck?

Jimi Bell is the inventor of the music tool Shredneck.

Jimi Bell invented the Shredneck, a simple tool to aid guitarists in “warming up” and practicing. It features the first seven frets of a guitar neck. Shredneck is not a substitute for the instrument. The strings are not tuned and in general, it is intended for exercises related to fretboard familiarity, chord progressions, musical scales, and techniques like “two-handed tapping. However, its practical and easily portable design makes it convenient for guitarists to carry and use anywhere, allowing for quick unpacking and packing.

The Shredneck instrument consists of a neck with seven frets, a head with six tuners, and six strings. While the tuners are functional, their purpose isn’t to tune the device but rather to “adjust” the string tension. Various branded models are available, including versions endorsed by Jimi Bell, Zakk Wylde, and Jon Donais.

Unlike other tools designed for finger practice without an instrument, the Shredneck’s greatest advantage lies in its faithful replication of the guitar itself. This distinction is unsurprising given that Jimi Bell, being an accomplished guitarist, crafted the Shredneck with a keen understanding of his own needs.

In addition to the guitar model of Shredneck, there is also a bass guitar version available.

Is Shredneck Worth It?

From available information online, it’s evident that if you’re frequently on the go and unable to bring your guitar or bass guitar along, the Shredneck proves to be an excellent practice tool. Its compact size allows for use even in cramped spaces like airplane seats, making it ideal for travel. However, it’s important to note that while convenient, the Shredneck is not a replacement for a full-sized instrument.

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Interview With Jimi Bell On the Denim & Leather Podcast

To our delight, Jimi Bell has graciously accepted an invitation for an interview on the second episode of the “Denim and Leather” podcast, hosted by the esteemed aficionado of metal and rock music, Urosh Veljkovic.

If you found this text intriguing, we highly recommend tuning in to the 90-minute podcast as the next step to delve deeper into the fascinating story of this exceptional guitarist.

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