Kati Cher - Denim and Leather Podcast - Episode 9

Episode #09: Interview With Kati Cher

Podcast: Denim and Leather
Host: Urosh Veljkovic
Guest: Kati Cher (katicher.com)
Released on May 6, 2024
Duration: 35 minutes

The Austrian singer, Kati Cher, shares her musical journey on the Lea podcast. She discusses teaching herself music, learning various instruments, and overcoming shyness to perform publicly. Kati’s passion for rock and heavy metal music is evident as she recounts her influences and experiences with her bands, including Black Cage. Her collaboration with vocal coach Ken Tamplin has significantly improved her singing technique, preventing potential damage to her voice. Kati’s online popularity, mainly her viral covers like Led Zeppelin’s “Black Dog,” showcases her talent and the power of social media in reaching audiences. Despite the digital age, Kati cherishes the old-school approach to music and the tangible connection with fans through live performances and physical albums.

Who Is Kati Cher? (00:16)

Kati Cher is a self-taught musician from Austria. She learned piano, drums, guitar, and singing. Kati has envisioned singing on stage since childhood.

Musical Influences and Bands (02:10)

She explained that she had transformed from a Bon Jovi fan to a heavier rock and metal fan, forming her first band, Black Cage. She then toured Europe and played at major festivals.

Vocal Coaching and Technique (6:19)

Online presence and viral covers. Improved vocal technique and health. She avoided damaging her voice with proper training.

Online Presence and Viral Covers (09:45)

Gained popularity with Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy and experienced viral success with covers like “Black Dog.” Kati acknowledged the role of luck in going viral.

Performing With Partner and Future Plans (16:02)

She performs cover shows with partner Alessandro Zuko. Kati Cher plans to release original music and desires a supporting band. She emphasizes the joy of live performance and entertaining fans.

Recording Industry and Physical Albums (26:01)

Kati prefers old-school physical albums and merchandise. Discusses the impact of digital platforms on music experience. Believes in supporting artists by purchasing physical copies.

Handling Social Media Criticism (30:30)

Kati shares her spontaneous response to haters. She believes more followers attract more hate. Views negative comments as signs of others’ frustration.

Dealing With Hate (31:43)

Kati prefers to show haters they don’t affect her. Deletes or blocks hateful comments to maintain positivity.

Music Challenges (32:04)

Discusses the difficulty of performing certain songs. Specifically mentions the challenge of starting “Black Dog.”

Teasing Future Projects (32:46)

Kati has done photoshoots and interviews. Keeps details secret, encouraging followers to stay tuned.

Watch the Full Episode With Kati Cher

But don’t stop here. Watch the 9th episode, which contains more information about Kati Cher. This is one more episode that we enjoyed while we were recording it. Check out why Urosh enjoyed talking to the Austrian singer Kati Cher.

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