Alessandro Del Vecchio - Episode 7 - Denim and Leather Podcast

Episode #07: Interview With Alessandro Del Vecchio

Podcast: Denim and Leather
Host: Urosh Veljkovic
Guest: Alessandro Del Vecchio
Released on: April 10, 2024
Duration: 78 minutes

In the seventh episode of our Podcast, we welcomed Alessandro Del Vecchio.
Alessandro Del Vecchio is a towering figure in the rock music scene, celebrated for his remarkable talents as a music producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. He has significantly influenced modern melodic rock, collaborating with legendary persons such as Jorn Lande (the vocalist of the Norwegian hard rock and metal band Jorn) and exciting new talents. This Italian multi-instrumentalist, producer, and songwriter has carved out a significant niche within the music industry, mainly through his extensive work with Frontiers Records, a label renowned for its roster of rock acts. Del Vecchio’s engagement in many bands and featuring collaborations is diverse. He was involved in bands such as Hardline, Revolution Saints, Edge of Forever, Vanden Plas, and Jorn.

We were pleased to have Alessandro Del Vecchio in the seventh Denim and Leather Podcast episode.

Introduction to Alessandro Del Vecchio (00:06)

The host, Urosh Veljkovic, introduced Del Vecchio as a multi-instrumentalist and briefly discussed Alessandro’s involvement with famous bands. Allesandro shared that he is calling from a hotel in Germany where he is for the Rocks Classic Tour.

Details of the Rocks Classic Tour (01:21)

Alessandro was one of the singers. He briefly shared with whom he had a chance to collaborate on the Rocks Classic Tour. The band includes members from Primal Fear.

Legendary Guests on the Tour (02:03)

Artists like Tarja Turunen from Nightwish and performances by Russ Ballard and Paul Shortino were included. Alessandro was not hiding his excitement about sharing the stage with legends.

Alessandro’s Reflections on His Career (04:13)

His journey from dreaming to performing on big stages, the importance of being skilled and prepared in the industry, and his gratitude for the opportunities and experiences.

Alessandro’s Early Life and Musical Influences (08:00)

He was born in 1979 and influenced by music from the ’70s. His path from a young music enthusiast to a professional musician. The role of his family in supporting his musical ambitions.

Alessandro’s Work with Hardline and Other Bands (11:03)

His contributions as a songwriter and producer. The impact of his song “Fever Dreams” on Hardline’s success.

Alessandro’s Start in Music (32:03)

He began by writing songs for artists like Robbie La Blanc. He transitioned from songwriting to producing and mixing. Credits include over 250 records produced and 900 songs written.

His Biggest Hits and Collaborations (35:08)

His most played song is “Back on My Trail” by Revolution Saints. He has worked with notable artists and bands and contributed to top songs. He discusses the musical prowess of guitarist Joel Hoekstra.

Ending Collaboration With Frontiers Records (37:54)

He cites personal issues and the end to the mutual artistic relationship. He expresses gratitude for past successes but emphasizes the need for change. He desires to pursue individual projects and maintain artistic freedom.

Health Challenges and Outlook on Life (45:01)

He faced a chronic kidney disease, affecting his ability to perform. Alessandro underwent treatment and operations, improving his condition. He advocates for happiness in music and life despite industry hardships.

Recovery and Gratitude (01:05:05)

Discusses the long recovery process. Grateful to still perform and do what he loves. Emphasizes the importance of health and therapy.

Collaboration With Jorn Lande (01:06:14)

Alessandro describes how he started working with Jorn Lande. He reflects on their 10-year working relationship. He praises Lande’s kindness and supportive nature.

Upcoming Instrumental Solo Record (01:09:28)

He briefly shared that he is working on a new instrumental record featuring one of the best drummers and iconic musicians. It has a unique sound with keyboards, Hammond, and bass, but no guitars.

Future Plans and Projects (01:14:01)

He discusses touring with notable musicians and his new album release with Vanden Plas. He plans to focus on his bands and live performances in the US.

Watch the Full Episode With Alessandro Del Vecchio

The Italian instrumentalist and music producer Alessandro Del Vecchio is a remarkable person in the Rock and Glam Metal world. We were pleased to host him in episode seven and hear his story. While reminding ourselves of the episode with Allesandro and writing this summary (May 11, 2024), we received the information that Alessandro is doing very well in the recovery process after his surgery. We wish him a fast and even easier recovery and hope the hard rock and metal stages await him back in his native environment.
And if we managed to tease you with this summary of the seventh episode of the Denim and Leather Podcast, we recommend you watch the full episode.

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