Srdjan Brankovic - Denim and Leather Podcast - Episode 8

Episode #08: Interview With Srdjan Brankovic

Podcast: Denim and Leather
Host: Urosh Veljkovic
Guest: Srdjan Brankovic
Released on April 25, 2024
Duration: 30 minutes

In the eighth episode of Denim and Leather Podcast, we welcomed Srdjan Brankovic.
From Smederevo, Serbia, Brankovic has become a notable figure in progressive and power metal. As the lead guitarist for Alogia, he has wowed audiences worldwide, even opening for famous bands like Whitesnake. His journey continues with new projects, including The Big Deal with Frontiers Records and collaborating on Ronnie Romero’s debut solo album in 2022. His music keeps pushing creative boundaries, thrilling fans everywhere.

In this Denim and Leather podcast episode, Srdjan Brankovic discusses his musical journey. He shares his early influences, the formation of his first band, Psycho Paradox, and his transition from vocalist to guitarist. Srdjan also talks about the evolution of his music style, his brother’s influence, and the success of Alogia across the ex-Yugoslavia region. The conversation delves into his current projects, including Big Deal’s contract with Frontiers and plans for Alogia.

Early Beginnings and Influences (00:05)

He started playing guitar at 10, influenced by death metal. In his first band, Psychoparadox, he was initially a vocalist, then a guitarist. Bands like Morbid Angel and classic bands like Judas Priest influenced him.

Formation and Success of Alogia (04:00)

He formed Alogia with his brother and released five studio albums. Srdjan gained recognition and iconic status in the ’90s metal scene. He played across ex-Yugoslavia, establishing a broad fan base.

Current Projects and Future Plans (7:22)

He and Urosh discussed Alogia’s hiatus and the focus on Big Deal, Big Deal’s contract with Frontiers, and the upcoming second album. He also discussed how he is balancing multiple projects and waiting for the right moment for Alogia’s return.

Music Industry Insights and Collaborations (17:05)

Srdjan prefers traditional music formats but acknowledges digital as the future. He worked with notable artists like Rony Romero and participated in the Vivaldi Metal Project. He shared experiences of playing at major festivals and the support from Frontiers.

Watch the Full Episode With Srdjan Brankovic

We had a great time recording and producing the episode with Srdjan. We hope you enjoy listening to Srdjan’s story as much as we enjoyed sharing it!

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