Aura Danciulescu - Denim and Leather Podcast - Episode #01

Episode #01: Interview With Aura Danciulescu

Subtitle: The Journey of Scarlet Aura: From Stillborn to Rock United with Doro and Ralf Scheepers (Aura Danciulescu interview)
Podcast: Denim and Leather
Host: Urosh Veljkovic
Guest: Aura Danciulescu
Released on: February 12, 2024
Duration: 41 minutes

This Denim and Leather podcast episode features Aura Danciulescu, the lead singer of the Romanian metal band Scarlet Aura. She talks about her musical journey, influences, collaborations, and upcoming album. Aura shared insights about the cover art of their albums.

She started singing at a young age, influenced by her family and artists like Michael Jackson, Prince, and Queen (01:07)

Aura Danciulescu sang Romanian folklore, kids’ music, and later rock songs. She joined her first band at nine years old.

Aura formed Stillborn, an alternative rock band, and later Scarlet Aura, a heavy metal band (05:38)

Aura wanted to play metal music with her husband, Mihai, the guitar player. She changed the name from A.A. to Scarlet Aura to avoid confusion. Aura released nine albums with Scarlet Aura in eight years.

She collaborated with Ralf Scheepers from Primal Fear and Doro Pesch, the queen of metal (14:55)

Aura Danciulescu contacted them through Facebook and email, and they liked her music. She invited them to play with her in Romania, and they became friends. Aura learned a lot from them and gained more confidence.

She is working on a new album that will be a description of a metal movement (24:28)

She is in the middle of recording the vocals and then the keyboards. Aura plans to release the first single and video in March 2024. She looks forward to the tour this year (2024).

Aura explains how she and her husband design the cover art (36:38)

They are both artistic and have their ideas. They collaborate with a painter friend for some covers. She likes to have a power fantasy theme.

She discusses the song “Falling Sky” from the album “Under My Skin” (38:07)

It was her first cover with the band. It was inspired by the movie “Lucy”. It has a message of empowerment and freedom.

Watch the Full Interview With Aura Danciulescu

In this Interview, Aura Danciulescu shared exciting stories about her musical journey. I tried to pick some of them in this overview to tease you into watching the full interview. I hope I succeeded in that. Enjoy!

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