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Episode #10: Interview With Russell Pzutto

Podcast: Denim and Leather
Host: Urosh Veljkovic
Guest: Russell Pzutto
Released on May 31, 2024
Duration: 32 minutes

The video of the Denim and Leather’s 10th episode features a talk with Russell Pzutto, a bass player known for his work with Dee Snider, Reverence, Holy Mother, and other bands. He shares his musical journey, starting from his early days in 1982, his inspiration from Iron Maiden, and his progression through various bands and genres. The conversation delves into his experiences with Twisted Sister, his friendship with Mark Mendoza, and his role as a tech before becoming a bass player for Dee Snider’s solo band.

Early Musical Beginnings (00:04)

He started playing guitar in 1982, inspired by local musicians. Pzutto transitioned to bass after being influenced by Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris.

Joining Bands and Playing Clubs (03:19)

Russel played in his first band at 14, performing metal music. Then, he progressed to more advanced bands, playing clubs and recording demos.

Joining Bands (10:11)

He joined Twisted Sister on a tour. He joined the band JRad, recording albums and touring.

Becoming a Member of Reverence (15:27)

Joined Reverence, a band with members from notable groups like Sabotage. Contributed to live and studio albums, continuing to work on new material.

Involvement with Holy Mother (19:51)

Russell stepped back from Holy Mother due to touring constraints. He recorded songs and videos with the band.

Playing Bass for Dee Snider’s Solo Band (22:43)

Pzutto auditioned and joined Dee Snider’s solo band. He recorded live and studio albums, including “Leave A Scar.” The band is inactive but not disbanded. There is a potential for a studio album. Russell’s focus is on Reverence and solo work.

Collaborations with Belmore brothers and Jamie Jasta (28:47)

He worked with the Belmore brothers and Jamie Jasta. Russell recorded tracks in his studio. He sent recordings for mixing and production.

Nick Petrino’s Talent and Opportunities (30:02)

He praises Nick Petrino’s guitar skills. Nick’s involvement in the Justa tour. Comparison to Marty Friedman.

Russell’s Solo Album and Guest Players (31:01)

Pzutto works on a solo album. He plans to recruit guest musicians. He is aiming to perform live shows with Reverence.

Watch the Full Episode With Russell Pzutto

We recommend you watch the 10th episode, especially if you like a bass guitar, Dee Snider, Twisted Sister, Sabotage, Reverence, and generally rock and roll stories.

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