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Red18 Unveils New Single “Edinstven” as Prelude to The EP “Igra”

In an exciting revelation, Skopje-based band Red18 has dropped their latest single, “Edinstven,” (translations to “Unique” or “One and Only,”) setting the stage for releasing their highly anticipated conceptual EP, “Igra” (Game.) Fans of the band, which burst onto the scene in 2020, eagerly await the musical odyssey promised by this release published on Nov 28, 2023.

“Edinstven,” the lead single from “Igra,” introduces listeners to Red18’s signature blend of powerful vocals, intricate instrumentation, and thought-provoking lyrics. The song captures the essence of the band’s evolution since their formation, offering a glimpse into the sonic landscape that awaits on the full EP.

“The official artwork of our new song and music video – “Edinstven” will be released on the 28th of November. This song is a part of our new EP “Igra”. The artwork is made by @ivadoodles

The band announced on their Facebook Page.

Deni Krstev at Studio1060 handled the recording, mixing, and mastering of the song. Bozhidar Stefanovski managed both the video recording and editing of the song.

Red18’s commitment to crafting an immersive musical experience shines through in the carefully produced “Edinstven.” Each “Igra” single promises a unique perspective and sonic palette, weaving a rich tapestry reflecting diverse influences.

The band will release each track as a single before unveiling the complete “Igra” EP. Fans can savor each song’s flavor before immersing themselves in the EP’s narrative, enhancing the listening experience.

Red18 captivates with innovative sound; “Edinstven” offers a tantalizing preview of the upcoming musical journey in “Igra.” For Red18 fans or newcomers, this conceptual EP promises a transformative listening experience.

Last Activities from Red18 Before Release of “Edinstven”

The band proudly welcomes Pavel Petkovski (Nov 26) as their newest rhythm guitarist, injecting fresh energy into the band’s lineup.

Red18 made waves in 2021 with their debut album, “Red18’s Grit,” establishing themselves as a dynamic force in the music industry. Following the album’s release, the band embarked on a series of live performances (including their showcase at the music conference SoAlive in Sofia) that solidified their reputation as a must-see act. Now, with “Edinstven,” they are ready to showcase the next chapter in their musical evolution.

Stay tuned as Red18 takes us on a musical adventure with the release of each single from “Igra.” With “Edinstven” as the opener, Red18 invites fans on a sonic journey, defining the essence of their musical prowess.

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