SoAlive music conference

SoAlive music conference in Sofia

SoAlive музичка конференција

SoAlive Music Conference and Showcase Festival is a music conference and festival, which will take place from 19/10-21/10 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The organization, SoAlive Music Conference was established in April 2022, and they have already conducted various workshops and music events. However, this year, the highlight will be the conference in the latter half of October, with the musical component, the showcase festival, taking center stage.

Visitors will have the opportunity to listen to esteemed speakers such as Mathew Knowles, a legendary record label executive; David Fricke, an editor at Rolling Stone; Azis, a regional music superstar from Bulgaria; Jennifer Masset from Spotify; Alex Cotofana, Marketing Manager and Promoter at Global Records; James Marshall, Senior Music Supervisor at Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe, etc. The list of speakers continues to expand, so for detailed information, it is recommended to visit the website.

SoAlive Conference

SAMC музичка конференција

SoAlive Music Conference is a music conference aimed at fostering the development, education, and networking of music professionals and artists from Southeast Europe (SEE) and enhancing their presence in the European Union ecosystem.

Recognizing the abundant talent in the region, the conference aims to bridge the gap and offer opportunities for musicians and industry professionals from Southeast Europe (SEE) to enter the broader European music market. Through fostering dialogue and networking, the conference catalyzes the growth and promotion of SEE artists, fostering their inclusion and representation in the European music industry.

The primary objective of the SoAlive Music Conference is to serve as a significant catalyst for positive transformation and advancement within the Southeast European (SEE) music industry. By placing equal importance on historical context, technological progress, mutual collaboration, and broader inclusion, the conference not only celebrates the region’s diverse musical heritage but also propels it toward a more dynamic and globally interconnected future. Through the sharing of knowledge, business strategies, and innovative concepts, the conference provides a platform for professionals to convene, cooperate, and influence the trajectory of the music industry, primarily within the region and beyond.

Speakers of SoAlive 2023

The list of speakers has already been released, encompassing a diverse range of professionals from various sectors of the music industry. It includes renowned music managers, performers, producers, instrumentalists, journalists, and music event organizers.

The Stars Who Will be The Speakers

These are the top three stars from the list of speakers:

Mathew Knowles

Mathew Knowles SoAlive

А prominent figure in sales and marketing, brand development, entrepreneurship, and leadership. His influence has played a significant role in the success of music icons like Beyoncé, Destiny’s Child, Earth, Wind & Fire, and Solange.

David Fricke

David Fricke SoAlive

A music journalist and broadcaster, who contributed his writing to the renowned music magazine Rolling Stone for three decades. Presently, he continues to share his insights and perspectives on music, contributing to publications like МОЈО magazine and others.


Azis SoAlive

A versatile Bulgarian music sensation renowned across the Balkans, born on 07/03/1978, within the confines of Sliven Women’s Prison, Bulgaria. Notably, this artist wears many hats as a television presenter, actor, and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, all while hailing from a Roma background.

The Arsenal of Speakers

The roster of speakers is extensive, featuring over 50 distinguished individuals. Each possesses unique qualities and a diverse background within the realm of music and the music industry, rendering this conference appealing to both music professionals and aspiring enthusiasts alike.

Part of the long list of speakers is the Macedonian Nela Peshovska from the Password Production.

The official language of the conference, in which all panel discussions will be conducted, is English. This choice creates an inclusive environment, accommodating participants and enthusiasts from across the region.

Matthew Knowles as the “Star” Speaker

With all due respect to all participants of the conference, including notable figures from the music industry, Matthew Knowles stands out as one of the most prominent speakers at the SoAlive music conference.

A trailblazer in sales and marketing, brand development, and leadership, Knowles has a remarkable legacy. Starting from modest origins in Alabama, he navigated through racism and adversity. His career took off at Xerox, where he played a pivotal role in earning the company recognition as a Best Place to Work for Minority Professionals.

Mathew Knowles

Knowles’ entrepreneurial spirit was also evident in his management of businesses like Headliners, a beauty enterprise he co-founded with his then-wife.

However, nothing he had done before brought him as much acclaim as what awaited him in the music industry. Matthew Knowles is Beyoncé’s father, so it was kind of natural for him to become Destiny’s Child’s manager. The way he represented the group no doubt had an impact on their success as well. The groups he represented, including Destiny’s Child, Earth, Wind & Fire, and Solange, managed to sell 450 million copies.

His daughter, Beyoncé, has recently been the most awarded musician in the history of the Grammy Awards.

SoAlive 2023 Program

The program of the SoAlive Music Conference and Festival is divided into several parts: the conference part, workshops, and the music part, which will likely be the most interesting for most visitors. The opening is on 19/10 with a panel discussion titled “United in Harmony,” focusing on creating a regional music ecosystem. According to the program, the “star” speakers will conclude the conference part of the day. David Fricke will speak on 19/10, Azis on 20/10, and Matthew Knowles will close the conference. Matthew Knowles will close the event with a talk on “Fundamentals of the Music Industry in a Digital Age.”

In the conference part, the content is divided and will be presented through presentations, films, and panel discussions. The topics that will be covered are highly interesting and relevant. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the challenges of organizing an international tour, as well as the journey of exploring new markets for digital distribution. One of the most intriguing panels is likely to be “The AI Game Changer,” which will delve into the utilization of artificial intelligence in music creation.

SoAlive 2023 Workshops

Interested attendees at the SoAlive Music Conference will have the opportunity to participate in two workshops. These workshops will focus on the utilization of Spotify for musicians and strategies for effectively using digital distribution platforms to reach a broader audience.

Spotify Masterclass

Jen Masset @ SAMC

The Spotify Masterclass workshop will be conducted by Jen Masset from Spotify, who brings a wealth of experience with the platform. Participants will gain insights on how to leverage the full potential of Spotify and maximize the number of their listeners.

DIY for Artists

Mike Warner @ SAMC

Attendees of the “DIY for Artists” workshop will have the opportunity to discover effective strategies for reaching a global audience through emerging digital platforms. This workshop will be guided by Mike Varner from Be.Live.

Places in the workshops are limited and registration is required.

Song Writing Camp At SoAlive Music Conference

Songwriting Camp @ SAMC

As a distinct element of the workshops, attendees can participate in the songwriting camp so that they can gain knowledge of this segment. The camp will be organized in collaboration with Sofia’s “Sound Ninja Music Academy.” Throughout the SoAlive music conference and festival, three groups. Each consisting of 3 to 5 members, will collaborate to compose and produce new songs. Each group will have the guidance of an experienced mentor, who will provide support throughout the creative process.

The event will feature mentors including Ven Ivanov (musician, producer, sound engineer), Javor Zogravski (music producer), and Hristo Rachev (co-founder of Sound Ninja Music Academy, producer, sound engineer).

Performers of the SoAlive Music Conference 2023

The line-up of musicians who will perform at the SoAlive music conference is not yet complete. But it promises to be of high quality and diverse. The focus appears to be on the indie and world music scenes, with a variety of bands scheduled to perform. Attendees can anticipate uncovering new and exciting music as they explore a diverse range of artists.

SAMC 2023 Showcase

On SoAlive music conference from Macedonia, Yon Idi, Zanadu, Red18, Zarina Prvasevda, and Dina Jashari will perform. Moonlight Breakfast will represent Romania, and Hayes & Y, Brits, will showcase a new single. Bulgaria brings Georgi Linev with his new project WOOMB, and Wanja Janeva will also perform. Lia Hide from Greece, Zhiva from Serbia, and AIKO from the Czech Republic complete the line-up.

Here is the list of announced artists who will perform at the SoAlive Music Conference so far:

  • ZHIVA (Serbia)
  • 3:rma (Slovenia)
  • WOOMB (Bulgaria)
  • Lia Hide (Greece)
  • AIKO (Czech Republic)
  • Freekind. (Croatia / Slovenia)
  • Wanja Janeva (Bulgaria, Germany)
  • Folk choir Dragostin (Bulgaria)
  • Dina Jashari (Macedonia)
  • Zarina Prvasevda (Macedonia)
  • Hey! Douglas (Turkey)
  • Alexander Mihaylov & His Patardia (Bulgaria)
  • Headhop (Serbia)
  • Iva Lorens (Serbia)
  • Ilko Birov (Bulgaria)
  • JUNO
  • Kake? (Bulgaria)
  • Land of Sessions (Turkey)
  • LTNC (Bulgaria)
  • Monohrom (Serbia)
  • Natalee (Serbia)
  • NDOE (Bulgaria)
  • NIKOBO (Neyko Bodurov) (Bulgaria)
  • Niya (Bulgaria)
  • ORATNITZA (Bulgaria)
  • Pista Mashina (Bulgaria)
  • Pocket Palma (Croatia)
  • Red18 (Macedonia)
  • Shkodra Elektronike (Albania)
  • VASSIŁINA (England/Greece)
  • Vianne (Bulgaria)
  • Vladimir (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Yon Idy (Macedonia)
  • Zanadu (Macedonia)

How to follow the SoAlive Music Conference?

The SoAlive Music Conference will occur on 19, 20, and 21 October at the “National Palace of Culture” in Sofia. Tickets are currently available for purchase. The price at BGN 60 (around EUR 30) for students so that it will be more suitable for them, and BGN 120 (around EUR 60) for all other attendees.

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