From Basics to Stadiums: The Guide for the Music Beginners

From basics to stadiums - SoAlive

In the ever-evolving world of music, aspiring artists often find themselves at a crossroads, wondering how to make a mark in the industry. From understanding their musical identity to reaching an international audience, there are various facets to consider. Recently (Oct 20, 2023) at the SoAlive Music Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria, a panel of seasoned music professionals discussed the key factors that can guide budding artists on their journey. Here’s a summary of their valuable insights.

Check my summary notes about the points I managed to spot while I was following the panel discussion.

Panelists: Grace Puluczek, Eneida Fever (PR), Mark Garfield, Benjamin Böhnstedt
Moderator: Sam Lung

From Basics to Stadiums: Building Your Dream Team and Planning the Perfect Tour

Screenshot conveyed from the live session as a part of the SAMC 2023 program
Screenshot conveyed from the live session as a part of the SAMC 2023 program
  • Self-Discovery and Goal Setting: Before diving into the music industry, it’s essential for budding artists to embark on a journey of self-discovery. “How can I understand what’s important for me as a beginning artist?” is a common question, and the answer lies in comprehending your musical style, objectives, and your role in the industry. This includes understanding aspects like publishing and booking.
  • Building a Network: One of the secrets to success is networking. Attending conferences like SoAlive can help you meet important people in the industry. However, it’s crucial to be professional, choose PR materials carefully, and have a deep understanding of all aspects to select the right people for your team.
  • Song Analysis: Every song holds potential, but it’s important to analyze it to identify what you can extract from it. When you contact someone, ensure your communication is concise and pleasant. Being patient and respecting other people’s time is key; remember, this journey is a marathon, not a sprint.
  • Local vs. Global Support: Young artists often wonder whether they should seek support first locally or globally. The panel emphasized starting locally. Understanding your immediate surroundings, and your local market, and building a local audience is a solid foundation for any artist’s career.
  • International Ambitions: For those with international aspirations, strategy is essential. Identify key markets and build a plan, but remember, touring internationally often requires a significant financial investment. It’s crucial to connect with the right people, attend conferences, and study the local media landscape.
  • Performance Rights Organizations (PROs): PROs are collection societies responsible for collecting and distributing royalties. Connecting with them is crucial, especially when you intend to expand your presence in other countries.
  • Audience Understanding: It’s vital to understand your existing audience and also decide who you want your audience to be in the future. Divide your audience into several groups and act according to the groups’ specifics.
  • Band Name (Branding) and Authenticity: Choosing the right band name is paramount. It should be easily discoverable on modern social platforms and in general on the web. Authenticity is highly regarded; chasing trends is not recommended. A good practice for building a brand could start with creating a list of words that describe you – this is your brand’s DNA.
  • Proactive Engagement: Don’t wait for platforms like Spotify and radio stations to do the all the job for you. Take your music to other countries by performing live; this is a proactive way to present yourself and build a following and fans.
  • Observe the listeners of your music: Identifying where your listeners are coming from can be a lead for ticket sales. Building a brand starts with creating a list of words that describe you – this is your brand’s DNA. Finding friends and mentors, even outside the music industry, can help you craft your unique message.
  • Founding Values: Respect and Patience: Respect for others in the industry should always be a top priority. Patience is equally essential; overnight success is rare in the music world.
  • Social Media Presence: When it comes to social media, authenticity is key. Be yourself and share content that genuinely reflects who you are. Remember, content is king, but distribution of the content is the queen. Plan carefully a series of publications of information about your next music releases gigs, and concerts, and don’t forget to make a post-mortem follow-up.
Screenshot conveyed from the live session as a part of the SAMC 2023 program
Screenshot conveyed from the live session as a part of the SAMC 2023 program

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the music industry offers boundless opportunities for those willing to put in the effort. The Music business is like any other business and it’s possible to apply the known concepts in the music industry as well. With the right blend of self-awareness, networking, strategic planning, and authentic expression, budding artists can navigate the complex terrain of the music world and create a unique and lasting impact.

Prepare to be captivated! If this article captures your curiosity and ignites a spark of interest in the intriguing topics at hand, I wholeheartedly urge you to dedicate a mere 60 minutes of your life to bask in the brilliance of this phenomenal panel discussion.

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