LIFT, a New Croatian Platform for Music Talents

LIFT (LIFT Festival) is a newly established music festival in Croatia with the primary objective of showcasing talented musicians from Croatia and the wider region. The inaugural event is scheduled to take place on 24/11/2023, at Tvornica Kulture in Zagreb.

During the inaugural edition of LIFT, attendees will have the chance to enjoy performances by artists including Fantom, Zembo Latifa, Masayah, Marko Boshnjak, Kids from the Sky, Baby Babilon, and RODEO.

The LIFT festival aims to introduce emerging musical talents to the audience and serves as a valuable opportunity for gifted performers to showcase their skills, not only to the general public but also to professionals within the music industry.

“I am very glad to perform at LIFT. At these festivals, the audience can see artists they may not have seen in one place and discover some new names that will potentially fill their daily playlist. I look forward to it and see you at LIFT”.

aid Zembo Latifa (Zagreb trap artist) for Music-Box.

Despite being a relatively recent addition to the music scene, the standout star of LIFT is the Bosnian singer Marko Boshnjak. In recognition of his talent and potential, he was awarded the “Porin” for the best young artist this year. In mid-November, the audience in Zagreb will have the privilege to witness his live performance.

“I can’t wait to present myself to the festival audience in a different light. The preparations for this event encourage me to cross the lines and deliver a great performance that will resonate with the audience. See you in Tvornica”.

sadi Marko.

For the inaugural edition of LIFT, guests from Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia will be joining in. Representing Serbia, Fantom will grace the stage, while Masayah will make the journey from Slovenia to perform in Croatia.

“I believe that the region can benefit from as many events like this as possible, where young artists get the opportunity to showcase their talents. Personally, I’m a fan of Marko Boshnjak and I’m really looking forward to seeing him perform live since I haven’t had the chance to experience his music in person. So, besides performing, I’m also excited to be part of the audience”.

said Petar Vagner (Fantom).

For the band Baby Babilon, this will be their first live performance in their career. The Zagreb trio does not hide their excitement.

“We are very happy. We can’t wait for 24/11 to come and play our first live show together”.

said Baby Babilon.

On 31/10/2023, Baby Babilon released their latest single called “trideseti. sedmi“.

In recent years, regional “showcase” events featuring musicians from multiple countries have become increasingly common. First, SoAlive was held in October in Bulgaria, followed now by the LIFT festival in Croatia. To round off the season, the tenth edition of the PIN conference will be held in Skopje at the end of November. During the past summer of 2023, the Athens Music Week festival provided an opportunity for numerous young bands and artists to introduce themselves to the audience in Athens.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of LIFT. The primary aim of the festival and platform is to showcase and introduce these incredibly talented young musicians to the audience, media, and professionals within the music industry. Our mission is to bridge the gap between their music and the listeners. It’s particularly exciting for us to see this initiative take on a regional perspective right from the start, with some performers marking their very first career performance at the event. We eagerly look forward to 24/11 and extend an invitation to everyone who seeks outstanding performances and a great time to join us at Tvornica!”

said Mirta Klaric from Aquarius Records.
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