Who See Presents the Theme Song for the Movie “Forever Hold Your Peace”

Montenegrin hip-hop duo Who See contributed the title track for the comedy “Zhivi i Zdravi” (Forever Hold Your Peace). The film is a collaborative effort spanning multiple regional countries, with support from the Film Agency of North Macedonia. The music for the title track was composed by Toni Kitanovski, a renowned Macedonian jazz guitarist and composer.

Живи и здрави – YouTube канал на Who See

The song shares the same title as the movie and draws inspiration from its comedic themes. The lyrics for “Zhivi i Zdravi” were penned by Who See, while the beat was crafted by Django Hi-Fi, with a collaborative arrangement. Nikola Rajovic from Beats per Montenegro handled the production of the track.

The film is produced by Adriatic Western from Montenegro, with co-production support from Sense Production from Serbia, Analog Vision from the Czech Republic, Kinorama from Croatia, Krug Film from Macedonia, and Spok Film from Slovenia.

“We are thrilled to have achieved this collaboration and to support domestic cinema in the best way we know how. Networking is crucial for creatives, and I hope this marks the beginning of a long-term partnership between Ivan and us. It was an enjoyable experience, and I believe we’ve successfully conveyed some of that energy to the audience. We’ve accomplished our goal, and now we eagerly anticipate seeing each other in the cinema halls.”

said Dejan Dejanovic Deda
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