Yon Idy Has Revealed His New Single “Blood Red”

Yon Idy - Blood Red / cover image

Skopje, January 9, 2024 – Yon Idy, the emerging indie sensation making waves in Macedonia’s music scene, proudly unveils his latest single, “Blood Red”. This captivating track signifies a significant milestone in his artistic progression and teases the forthcoming project.

“Blood Red isn’t merely a song; it’s a portal to a musical odyssey,” said Yon. “This venture represents a substantial stride in my artistic odyssey. Crafting this song and the accompanying project has been an extraordinary journey, amalgamating various elements to give birth to something remarkably unforeseen. It stands as a testament to my evolution and experimentation as an artist.”

said Yon Idy

“Blood Red” by Yon Idy delves into a profound narrative, encompassing themes of introspection, resilience, and the enigmatic essence of promises. Through lyrics such as “I can’t find the promises / All I ever got was blood red,” the song crafts a tale of seeking significance amidst upheaval, set to a melody that resonates long after the music subsides.

“This song encapsulates the core of my creative voyage—a journey delving into the intricacies of emotions, relationships, and the unspoken truths that we grapple with.

Audiences can anticipate a sound that challenges norms and encourages exploration into new musical dimensions. “Blood Red” is merely the outset of this journey.

It serves as an open invitation for the audience to partake in this transformative voyage, where each song narrates a tale and every note embodies an emotion yearning to be experienced”.

said Yon

The single “Blood Red” is now available on all music streaming platforms. (Amazon Music, Spotify)

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