The Killers’ Album 2023: “Rebel Diamond”

Get ready for The Killers’ album at the end of 2023! Fans of The Killers can anticipate the release of their new album “Rebel Diamond” at the end of 2023, specifically on 08/12/2023. This album will consist of a compilation of their greatest hits alongside previously unreleased songs that have not been part of any studio release so far.

The Killers’ new album marks the band’s second compilation album, following their initial compilation release, “Direct Hits,” in 2013. The track list of “Rebel Diamonds” is organized chronologically, featuring songs from each of the band’s studio albums. The sequence begins with four tracks from their debut album “Hot Fuss,” followed by two songs from “Sam’s Town,” three from “Day & Age,” two from “Battle Born,” one from “Wonderful Wonderful,” three from “Imploding the Mirage,” and finally, two songs from their most recent album, “Pressure Machine”. Additionally, the album includes three singles released by the group in 2022 and 2023.

Less unusually, The Killers announced the new album with a trailer. You can watch the video below.

Two singles released by The Killers in 2023, “Your Side of Town,” and “Spirit,” are expected to be part of the band’s new album. While “Spirit” has been performed live, it has not yet been officially released as part of any music collection or album.

Apart from the CD and vinyl editions, what holds particular interest for the devoted fans of The Killers’ new album “Rebel Diamonds” is the planned release of a special “luxury” vinyl edition. The pre-sale for the album has already commenced.

The Killers’ Album 2023

Killers Rebel Diamonds album cover 2023

1 – Jenny Was a Friend of Mine
2 – Mr. Brightside
3 – All These Things That I’ve Done
4 – Somebody Told Me
5 – When You Were Young
6 – Read My Mind
7 – Human
8 – Spaceman
9 – A Dustland Fairytale
10 – Be Still
11 – Runaways
12 – The Man
13 – Caution
14 – My Own Soul’s Warning
15 – Dying Breed
16 – Pressure Machine
17 – Quiet Town
18 – Boy
19 – Your Side of Town
20 – Spirit

Concert Tour in 2024

he Killers - Хедлајнери на Hard Rock Calling одржан на 24 јуни 20211 во Хајд Парк, Лондон
The Killers – Headliners of Hard Rock Calling held on 24/06/2021 in Hyde Park, London. / Owner: Schröder+Schömbs / Flickr / CC BY-ND 2.0 DEED

In addition to The Killers’ new album, The Killers announced their tour on 01/12/2023. The band revealed plans for a UK and Ireland tour set for 2024. This tour by The Killers is intended to commemorate their 20 years of musical journey and accomplishments.

The concert series kicks off on 14/06/2024, at Dublin’s 3Arena in Ireland. Following this, on 18/06/2024, the tour proceeds to Manchester, England, and on 25/06/2024, The Killers will perform in Glasgow, Scotland. The tour then progresses with three consecutive concerts at the O2 in London starting on 04/07/2024.

In conjunction with the new album, The Killers will release tour tickets, initiating tour sales on 08/12/2023.

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