Prepare for Cage the Elephant’s new album “Neon Pill”

We can’t wait to hear the songs from Cage the Elephants’ new album, “Neon Pill.” Fans of alternative rock music likely already know smash hits “Cigarette Daydreams” or “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked.” So, if you have been patiently waiting for the new album since “Social Cues” in 2019, the wait is nearly over. The album is coming next week, May 17, 2024.

“Neon Pill” is Cage the Elephant’s sixth album, produced by John Hill. The last time they worked together, Social Cues won the Best Rock Album Award at the Grammys, so we are hoping for another fantastic album.

Before releasing the album’s title single, Cage Elephant went five years without new music. The band has already given us a glimpse of what to expect, having released four singles from the album: “Neon Pill,” “Out Loud,” “Good Time,” and “Metaverse.”

“Neon Pill” Track Listing

We already knew there were twelve songs on the album. The band announced the track list on social media on March 19, 2024. This list is from the LP, which is already available in preorder.

Neon Pill TrackS:


HiFi (True Light)
Neon Pill
Float Into The Sky
Out Loud


Ball and Chain
Good Time
Shy Eyes
Silent Picture
Over Your Shoulder

“Neon Pill” Album Cover

The “Neon Pill” album cover is the work of director, photographer, and artist Neil Krug. The artist has worked with Cage the Elephant on the cover of Social Cues. He boasts an impressive portfolio of album covers as well. He created the cover for Lana Del Ray’s third album, Ultraviolence, and “Chemtrails Over The Country Club.” Krug has also made the cover for Tame Impala’s album “The Slow Rush.” Neil Krug was behind amazing visuals for The Weeknd’s “Beauty Behind The Madness” tour.

Where Can I Buy the Album “Neon Pill”?

Cage the Elephant’s new album, “Neon Pill,” is available in the band’s official store and on Amazon (affiliate link in case you want to support Music Nonstop Today). Limited LP editions are already sold out. The Sweetart LP, Black LP, and CD versions are also available for preorder.

Cage the Elephant on Music Festivals

Cage the Elephant is part of the Hangout Fest 2024 lineup and Ocean City lineup this year. The band is also part of the Bonnaroo lineup. These are a few of the biggest music festivals in the USA, and we expect to see them in a few more. So, if you are lucky enough to be there, you may have a chance to enjoy some of the songs from the new album.

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