Stojne Nikolova - "Losha" (Bad Girl)

Stojne Nikolova Presented “Losha”

Losha” (Bad Girl) is the song’s title by folk singer Stojne Nikolova. It debuted alongside its music video on April 10, 2024.

“I am thrilled to unveil my newest project, ‘LOSHA.’ ? It has been crafted with meticulous attention and genuine love. I sincerely hope it resonates with you. Your feedback is eagerly awaited. ❤️”

Stojne posted on her Facebook profile on April 10.

Music Video for the Song “Losha”

Through her active presence on social media platforms, Nikolova demonstrates a keen understanding of contemporary communication, engaging her audience through frequent posts comprising photos, illustrations, and short videos. The folk singer adeptly uses her inherent sex appeal as an essential aspect of her artistic expression. She seamlessly integrates it into every visual representation of her music. True to form, the music video for “Losha” by Stojne Nikolova maintains this characteristic allure, consistent with her established style.

The music video credits Ivana Dimitrova, Teodora Cvetanovska, Konstantin Stankovski, and Dario Nojkic as actors. Styling for the video is attributed to Iva Spasovska, while Daniel Nikolovski is acknowledged for makeup and hair. Mojso Production produces the release.

Authors of the Song “Losha”

Boban Mojsovski is the composer, arranger, and director of the music video, and Borche Dimitrov is the lyricist for the song.

How Old Is Stojne Nikolova?

On September 4, 2024, the Strumica folk singer will celebrate her 30th birthday. With over a decade of presence on the Macedonian stage, she’s steadily gaining recognition and ascending into the ranks of the most renowned Macedonian folk singers. Having showcased her talent across Macedonia and internationally, one of her recent highlights includes a mini tour in Australia in October 2023.

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