Suzana Gavazova - "Tik Tok" Cover

Suzana Gavazova Only on Tik Tok

Gavazova, known for her consistent work ethic, unveiled two new songs alongside accompanying music videos within seven days. The debut of the “Dalavera” music video on March 20 was followed swiftly by the release of the “TikTok” music video on April 2, 2024.

Music Video for the song “Tik Tok”

Gavazova appears to be in excellent form, potentially at the pinnacle of her career, as evidenced by her prolific output of new material and her performances in Macedonia and internationally. Her captivating presence remains consistent, effortlessly exuding charm regardless of attire or setting. Witness her undeniable appeal in the accompanying visuals from her latest music videos.

IN Production produces the music video. The video’s director is Stojan Stojanovski, and the producer is Vane Petkoski.

Authors of the Song “Tik Tok”

The song “Tik Tok” credits Edi Talent as the musical composer and Orce Zafirovski as the lyricist. Mintaz Memedo is responsible for the song’s arrangement.

If you’re enjoying Suzana Gavazova’s “Tik Tok” and its music video, you might also appreciate watching the music video for “Losha” by Stojne Nikolova.

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