Jen Majura - Episode 05 - Denim and Leather Podcast

Episode #05: Interview with Jen Majura

Podcast: Denim and Leather
Host: Urosh Veljkovic
Guest: Jen Majura (
Released on: March 22, 2024
Duration: 60 minutes

Jen Majura (born Jennifer Majura Indrasen) is a renowned German musician born on June 16, 1983, in Stuttgart, Germany.

Starting her musical journey at six, Jen has played a remarkable role in the metal and rock music world, notably as a member of bands such as Evanescence and Equilibrium and as a founder of the AC/DC cover band Black Thunder Ladies.

In 2023, she joined How We End, releasing “My Fighting Heart.” Jen has two solo albums, “Jen Majura” (2015) and “Inzenity” (2017), showcasing her diverse talent. Her music contributions span genres, from rock to metal, proving her versatility and passion.

We were so happy to see Jen in the fifth episode of the Denim and Leather Podcast. This article is an overview of the interview with Jen hosted by Urosh Veljkovic.

Jen’s Musical Background (01:01)

Jen comes from a musical family, and her father is a bass player. She discusses her early piano lessons and transition to guitar. Majura shares her initial struggles and breakthroughs with the guitar.

Musical Influences and Bands (04:00)

Jen talks about her love for bands like Kiss and Bon Jovi. She reflects on the persona fascination of music in the 80s. Majura mentions her all-girl AC/DC tribute band, Black Thunder Ladies.

Jen’s Professional Journey (12:01)

She recounts her first tour experience with the band Rage. Jen emphasizes the value of working up the ranks in the music industry. She shares insights into the challenges faced by female rock musicians.

Upcoming Tour and Projects (18:02)

Jen discusses her upcoming tour with Travis Larson. She teaches guitar, vocal coaching, production, and songwriting. Majura values the learning experiences of her students and her teaching role.

Jen’s Music School and Teaching (24:01)

Jen owns a music school in Germany. She teaches guitar, vocal coaching, production, and songwriting. Majura values the learning experiences of her students and her teaching role.

Crowdfunding Success (28:01)

Jen raised funds for one of her projects. Emphasizes fan involvement in projects. She values direct communication and growth with fans.

Band Dynamics (29:28)

She briefly shared her experience with Evanescence, where she was a guitarist for years. Transition to a new project/band, How We End. Discusses public perception and actual role in the band.

Solo Endeavors and Creative Process (32:01)

After Evanescence, she contemplated a third solo album. She already has a name for her third album, but the realization will wait. She struggled with finding a personal sound and style.

Future Plans and Touring (35:01)

Jen is preparing herself for an upcoming tour. She enjoys performing live in smaller, intimate venues. Majura plans to test a new concert concept in the US.

Aspirations and Humor (56:29)

Jen mentioned that after the coronavirus pandemic, she has been into cooking. She announced her desire to write a cookbook. She plans to create more funny videos with pet budgies. You can find some cooking vlogs by Jen in her vlogs on YouTube.
We found it an exciting video in which Julia Lage and Jen Majura cook together. ☺️

Watch the Full Episode With Jen Majura

As always, we made a summary, but the experience of watching the entire episode with Jen Majura can be replaced. We encourage you to watch the whole episode with Jennifer Jen Majura. And don’t forget to follow Jen on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, X (ex Twitter) and/or TikTok.
Enjoy the episode five!

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