“Anxiety, My Old Friend” by Imagenes Mentales & Call Me Shadow

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January 29, 2024 – In a powerful musical collaboration, singer-songwriters Senka Hodzic (Call me Shadow) and Carlos Plaza Romero (Imágenes Mentales) have released their latest song, “Anxiety, My Old Friend.” The song, inspired by a profound conversation about the impact of anxiety on daily behavior, delves into the complexities of the human mind through a fusion of indie electro-pop instrumentals.

The Origin Story

The theme of “Anxiety, My Old Friend” was born out of a candid conversation between Senka and Carlos, exploring the appearance of anxiety and its pervasive influence on an individual’s daily life. Drawing inspiration from indie electro-pop instrumentals, the lyrics tell a vivid story of the restlessness and turmoil that anxiety can introduce into the human psyche.

Collaborative Genius

As with their previous successful singles, Senka Hodzic and Carlos Plaza Romero joined forces in both the writing and production process. Carlos took on the responsibilities of production, mixing, and mastering, showcasing the duo’s seamless creative synergy.

In a harmonious convergence of musical talents, Carlos Plaza of “Imágenes Mentales” from Venezuela and Senka Hodzic, the Bosnian singer-songwriter behind “Call Me Shadow,” have joined forces across continents to create something truly unique.

Their collaboration defies geographical constraints, blending influences from Venezuela and Bosnia to produce a fresh, powerful sound. The fusion encompasses rock, ambient, techno, new wave, post-punk, industrial, and indie genres, creating a musical journey that transcends borders.

Overcoming the challenges of distance, Carlos and Senka’s project exemplifies the universal language of music. The collaboration blends sounds and cultures, showcasing the rich tapestry of two musical traditions.

This collaboration marks the first time Carlos Plaza releases an album in English, broadening the reach of their music to a wider audience, which is a notable milestone for Imágenes Mentales. Their story is a testament to the limitless possibilities when diverse influences converge, breaking down barriers and creating a captivating musical narrative that resonates globally.

This is not their first collaboration. They worked together on several songs. In 2023, they released the songs “Ocean on Fire” and “Shadows in the Water“. In 2022 they released the album titled “Breathe In.Breathe Out“.

This week, we’re playing Imágenes Mentales and Call Me Shadow’s discography on repeat!

Who is Carlos Plaza?

Carlos Plaza AKA Imágenes Mentales, a prolific musician and producer currently residing in Costa Rica, boasts an impressive discography of 11 albums and EPs. His latest solo work, “Presagios,” earned recognition as a “New and Notable” release on Bandcamp in 2021.

Who is Senka Hodzic?

Senka Hodzic AKA Call Me Shadow made her mark in 2021 with the independent release of “Time,” her debut single under the Music Production of the Radio-television of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Sonic Experience

Listeners can expect a unique sonic journey as the duo expertly combines Senka’s emotive vocals with Carlos’ skillful production. Blending pop-rock with indie electro-pop forms results in a captivating soundscape mirroring the complexities of the human mind grappling with anxiety.

About the Lyrics

“Anxiety, My Old Friend,” dives deep into the artist’s ongoing battle with anxiety. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of fleeting relief, only to be followed by the relentless return of anxiety. Lines like “I look in the mirror every morning, I see you’re still there” illustrate the inescapable nature of this mental struggle.

The chorus hits hard, expressing frustration at losing one’s mind while anxiety remains indifferent. The repetition of “I lose my mind, but you don’t care” captures the isolating aspect of mental health issues. The bridge introduces urgency, describing the struggle to confront the hidden corners where anxiety lurks.

Closing with a haunting repetition, the lyrics convey a sense of resignation, acknowledging the ongoing battle. “Anxiety, My Old Friend” invites listeners to empathize with mental health complexities, forging a powerful connection through shared vulnerability.

Available Now (Jan 2024)

Since January 25, 2024, the song “Anxiety, My Old Friend” has been available for the world audience. Fans can find the single on streaming platforms, diving into its rich narrative through lyrics and music.

Streaming Platforms

Single Cover Art

Accompanying the release is a visually striking cover art that captures the essence of the song. The artwork serves as a visual representation of the emotional depth and complexity embedded within “Anxiety, My Old Friend.”

Closing Notes

The song “Anxiety, My Old Friend” by Imágenes Mentales and Call Me Shadow showcases the dynamic partnership of Senka Hodzic and Carlos Plaza. Their talent for creating emotionally resonant music captivates audiences, making this latest single a must-listen for pop-rock and indie electro-pop enthusiasts.

Dive into the emotional realm of “Anxiety, My Old Friend” for a raw and unfiltered journey through the human mind, as expressed by Senka and Carlos’s musical talents.

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