Eurovision 2024: Balkan Status in November 2023

Eurovision 2024. What is the status of the Balkan countries on their participation in this prestigious music event at the end of November 2023? Eurovision holds significant popularity in the Balkans, with most nations regularly sending representatives. The upcoming Eurovision 2024 is set to take place in Malmö, Sweden, typically held in May as in previous years. The semi-final evenings are scheduled for 07/05 and 09/05, with the final on 11/05. Unofficial reports indicate that some countries from the region may opt out of participation this year.

About the Eurovision Concept

Whether one enjoys it or not, the Eurovision Song Contest stands as a symbolic event that fosters unity, showcasing a celebration of diversity and creativity among nations. Beyond its name, since its inception in 1956, Eurovision has transcended geographical limitations. It has evolved into a cultural phenomenon captivating millions of viewers worldwide, drawing them in front of their televisions to partake in its spectacle.

Fundamentally, Eurovision transcends being solely a music competition. It represents a musical event where the distinctive identity of each participant is communicated through the universal language of music.

Eurovision has traditionally been a place where political and cultural differences can be overcome, and musicians and audiences alike can enjoy the spirit of togetherness.

The yearly event not only acts as a stage for numerous performers to gain global recognition but also stands as a symbol of cultural diplomacy, promoting understanding and forging connections across borders.

Малме Арена
Photo by News Oresund / Malmo Arena / CC BY 2.0

Let’s review the status by representative and song selection for each of the Balkan countries individually (Eurovision 2024: Status in November 2023).


Albania has not finalized its selection of a representative or song for Eurovision 2024. The country’s decision-making process for both the representative and the song is scheduled to take place on 22/12/2023 at the „Festivali i Këngës #62“.


In 2022, Bulgaria withdrew from participating in Eurovision. Presently, there hasn’t been an official announcement regarding their return. However, the resurgence of official profiles from the organizers has sparked enthusiasm among fans in Bulgaria. Speculations have emerged suggesting the possibility of Bulgaria reinstating its participation and potentially performing at Eurovision 2024.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina has unfortunately announced that it will not participate in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.


Greece, among the Balkan nations, has already selected its representative for Eurovision 2024. Marina Satti (Μαρίνα Σάττι) has been chosen as the Greek representative for the event in Malmo. They are scheduling the release of the song in the forthcoming period.

The Greek broadcaster, ERT, revealed Marina Satti as their Eurovision 2024 representative in October 2023 in the show “Studio 4.” Greece internally decides the selection of singers, without involving voting.

ERT, in partnership with Golden Records and Minos EMI, is actively seeking the song that Marina Satti will perform for Eurovision 2024. Up until 01/12/2023, composers have to submit their applications. Following this deadline, the selection process will determine the song representing Greece in Malmö.


Kosovo is not taking part in Eurovision. The National Television of Kosovo isn’t a member of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), which presently limits its participation. Radio-Television Kosovo is negotiating with the EBU, aiming to secure the opportunity for potential future participation.

Despite their inability to officially participate in Eurovision, Kosovo organized a music event mimicking the selection process for their potential Eurovision representative. In 2023, they held their inaugural selection, aiming for the festival winner to eventually represent Kosovo at Eurovision. La Fazani won with the song “Oj Kosove“. However, the winning artist won’t perform at Eurovision 2024, remaining a part of Kosovo’s history as the festival’s first winner without a chance to compete in Eurovision.

North Macedonia

Following Macedonia’s withdrawal from Eurovision in 2023, reportedly due to the rechannelling of financial resources, there have been unofficial indications that North Macedonia might have a representative at Eurovision 2024 in Malmo.

“The program of the Macedonian Radio Television in 2024 will also be marked by the participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, where the Macedonian musical values will be presented through the song – participant of this festival”.

it’s stated in the published proposed work program for 2024 of the Macedonian Radio Television .

The MRT Program Council needs to adopt the proposed program. Until now (26/11/2023) there is no official confirmation of participation.


As of the latest update, Turkey has decided not to participate in Eurovision 2024. Turkey last participated in 2012, and despite the contest’s popularity, there is no official confirmation of their return.


As of now, the Romanian broadcaster TVR has not officially announced its position regarding participation or withdrawal from Eurovision.


Slovenians will choose their representative for the Eurovision Song Contest in January 2024. The “Mission Malmo” festival will choose the representative.


As of now, Serbia has not selected its representative for Eurovision. “Pesma za Evroviziju 24” will choose the participant and the song for Eurovision. The organizers haven’t yet announced the specific dates for the competition, which will include two semi-final nights and a final.

Officially, those interested could send applications until 10/11/2023.


Croatia typically selects its Eurovision representative relatively late compared to other countries in the region. Traditionally, this selection occurs at the “Dora” festival. Likewise, “Dora 2024” in February will select participants to represent Croatia at Eurovision in 2023.


It appears that Montenegro might refrain from participating in Eurovision for the second consecutive year. The country withdrew from the competition in 2023 citing financial reasons, as announced by Radio-Television Montenegro. Currently, there’s no official confirmation regarding Montenegro’s return to Eurovision so we are not sure if they will attend. The last time Montenegro partook in Eurovision was in 2022 in Turin, Italy.

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