Lorraine Lewis Is Leaving Vixen

On May 26, 65-year-old Lorraine Lewis, Vixen’s lead vocalist, announced her departure from the band. The ex-singer of Femme Fatale said her fans should expect more rock and roll from her in the future. They expect to see if she will continue her solo career or join another band.

“Vixen Tribe and devoted fans: The band has taken a different direction, and as much as I will miss you please know that more Rock & Roll from me is on the way! It has been an honor to front the band since that first show in 2019 & I am forever grateful for the opportunity and memories that came with it! I’ve had the time of my life and have loved rockin’ with ALL of you! I can’t wait to rock your faces off again soon cuz trust me babes, I’m not going anywhere!! I love you, Lorraine 💋”

Lorraine Lewis wrote on her social media

The fans showed her their love through supportive comments and reminded her that she did an outstanding job fronting Vixen! But also, some of them were in question, asking why.

We spotted that her colleague in Vixen, the bassist Julia Lage, liked her post on social media.

The last single from Vixen, “Red” (Oct 2023), on which Lorraine is singing, will remain part of the history of the Vixen band and the Rock & Roll history that the four influential ladies left in this World.

The upcoming tour of Vixen in 2024 will continue without Lorraine. We are looking forward to seeing who will be the replacement for Lorraine Lewis.

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