Music Nonstop Today: Summary 2023

Music Nonstop Today 2023 / Summary

On September 7, 2023, Music Nonstop Today, our online music magazine, was officially launched. By the end of December 2023, marking four months since its inception, we conducted a comprehensive summary of the year’s activities, accomplishments, and outlined plans for 2024.

Planned Activities for 2023

The planned activities until the end of 2023 for the Music Nonstop Today team were dictated by the following goals:

  • Establishing work processes.
  • Creating a different type of content.
  • Establishing a business model.
  • Identifying priorities in editorial policy and articulating marketing strategy.

Accomplished in 2023

  • Established basic work processes.
  • Over 400 articles were created in the first 4 months.
  • Media partner of the SoAlive Music Conference.
  • Attended musical events.
  • Identified priorities and established marketing strategy.

Established Basic Work Processes

The Music Nonstop Today team and its contributors operate remotely, prioritizing effective communication and collaboration between the core team, contributors, and readers as a central focus.

We rely on Trello and Slack as our primary tools for organized communication and collaboration. Additionally, we integrate Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI) tools like ChatGPT, Perplexity, and Copilot in our daily operations, utilizing them for learning across different subjects and for aiding in content organization and validation.

We will continue in 2024 with this trend of Music Nonstop Today from 2023.

Over 400 Articles Created in the First 4 Months

In under four months, we released approximately 440 articles across both in Macedonian and in English. These articles covered a wide array of topics, including new songs, albums, events, festivals, conferences, music videos, reviews, and occasional interviews.

Nenad Georgievski, honored with the annual state award “Mito Hadji Vasilev-Jasmin” for journalism and widely recognized as an ardent art enthusiast, vividly recounted the narrative of the 42nd edition of the Skopje Jazz Festival.

Zlatko Angeleski, a passionate chronicler of music and a devoted enthusiast of world music, illuminated legendary musical achievements from the last century through his captivating stories.

Urosh Veljkovic, the drummer of the band “Steel Temple,” and an avid aficionado of rock and metal music, conducted interviews with the promising talents Sara Vojicic and Cassidy Paris.

Јова Радевска

Regarding the review of the timeless song “An Innocent Man,” its music author and vocalist, Yova Radevska (YOVA), will provide insights and commentary.

„’An Innocent Man would often make me cry when I’d hear it, despite me writing the lyrics & melody, and also your article made me cry when I read it. I couldn’t believe a review could capture a song so we’ll. Best review hands down ?“

Attended Musical Events

A significant aspect of our focus revolves around musical events and conferences, acknowledging the irreplaceable exchange of energy that takes place within these settings.

We participated in the PIN Music Conference & Showcase in Skopje and Linecheck in Milan. Additionally, as a media partner, we provided coverage for the SoAlive Music Conference in Sofia.

We’ve told the story of outstanding music events and tours by artists and bands announced for 2024.

Media Partner of the SoAlive Music Conference

During October, we proudly served as the media partner for the inaugural edition of the SoAlive Music Conference. We produced numerous articles, including an insightful interview featuring Ruth Koleva, the founder, and the driving force behind the conference.

Through our partnership with the SoAlive Music Conference, which has already slated its second edition for late 2024, Music Nonstop Today solidifies its position as an integral part of the history of this significant regional music conference with lofty ambitions.

Identified Priorities and Established Marketing Strategy

Our interest in popular music from the Balkan Peninsula is an inexhaustible source of excitement that we follow like sleepwalkers on a full moon in the telling of musical stories. But our curiosity does not stop at the borders of Romania, Turkey, Greece, and Slovenia.

In 2023, our focus was on capturing the momentum of the music industry’s interest in our work. Concurrently, we’ve outlined the strategy for 2024, centered around a cluster of content that will be a primary focus for us, involving both research and storytelling within the realm of the music world.

In 2023, Music Nonstop Today partnered with SmartClick for a specific segment of our marketing strategy. Their team assisted us in identifying the cluster of topics that will be a key focus for 2024. Towards the end of 2023, we dedicated significant efforts to establish a robust foundation for creating competitive content on a global scale.

What to Expect From Us in 2024

  • Content programme: particular focus on musical events
  • Offer of commercial services
  • Partnering with artists and bands

Content Programme: Particular Focus on Musical Events

In 2024, our primary focus will revolve around covering the largest music festivals in the United States. However, this doesn’t imply a lack of interest in other content. We remain keen on covering new music releases across various genres, standalone music videos, and gathering insights from music industry representatives on pertinent issues.

Offer of Commercial Services

For 2024, our agenda includes providing services tailored to promote artists, bands, and agencies seeking a suitable platform to showcase the stories of represented artists and bands.

Partnering With Artists and Bands

We seek partnerships with artists and bands for curated content promoting their work to a broader audience.

If you value having articles about your work or the artists you represent, please apply to and attach:

  • short resume or/and EPK
  • plans for the next 12 months and
  • links to profile pages of popular music streaming services

We will carefully review your application before we respond.

As previously mentioned, our email address remains open for all your pre-prepared stories formatted as press releases. Please feel free to reach out to us at that address.

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