Oliver Anthony Tour 2024

Oliver Anthony Tour 2024

Oliver Anthony announced his tour for 2024 (Out of the Woods Tour). The musician Christopher Anthony Lunsford, known as Oliver Anthony, a viral sensation, has unveiled plans for his inaugural world tour. This marks the artist’s first global tour, for which he recently applied for his initial passport. While most of the concerts are scheduled in the USA, some shows are also planned in Sweden, Norway, and the United Kingdom.

Oliver Anthony rose to fame with his song “Rich Men North of Richmond, which will surely leave a significant musical impact in 2023. The red-bearded singer has earned nominations for two awards—Top Selling Artist and Top Selling Song—at the Billboard Music Awards. Notably, he has achieved a milestone by becoming the first male artist with 13 songs concurrently in the Top 50 by digital sales. This impressive success is setting the stage for a promising and successful tour for Oliver Anthony.

“It’s been challenging understanding what my purpose is and what I’m supposed to do with the opportunity I’ve been given. I don’t deserve one bit of any of this…
In 2024, I feel compelled to connect with other lost souls like me. The people battling sobriety, depression, debt, divorce. The ones being taxed to death but ignored. The blue-collar and middle-class families who can’t get ahead because the system in place is getting ahead instead, at their expense”.

said Christopher

“Rich Men North of Richmond” has accumulated over 200 million streams across various streaming platforms, including YouTube. When considering the collective responses and reactions to the song, the overall numbers could potentially be even higher. Notably, up to five of Anthony’s songs have secured spots on the iTunes top 10 list.

Oliver Anthony’s First Tour Outside the US

In an interview with Billboard, Christopher said that embarking on this tour signifies not only his first international tour but also represents a rare opportunity to venture beyond the Southeastern region of the United States.

The tour starts on 01/02/2024.

  • Stockholm, Sweden (01/02/2024)
  • Oslo, Norway (02/02/2024)
  • Utrecht, Netherlands (05/02/2024)

Following these performances, Oliver Anthony will transition to the United Kingdom to continue his first world tour. He has scheduled UK shows in cities such as Glasgow, Manchester, London, and Belfast. He plans to hold the final concert outside the USA in Dublin, Ireland. Starting on 21/02, the tour will resume in the United States and encompass 34 concerts. The tour will conclude on 13/09/2024, with the last show in Allegan, Michigan.

If you visit Wildwood, New Jersey, between June 20th and 23rd, you can see Oliver Anthony at the Barefoot Country Music Festival.

Tickets for the tour went on sale on 17/11 (Friday).

Looking ahead at Oliver Anthony’s music career, 2024 appears to hold promising prospects, especially with the anticipated tour. His debut album has been announced, with expectations set for an early 2024 release. Notably, all songs featured on the album will be solely authored by Anthony himself. Despite Nashville’s reputation as the “capital” of country music, Anthony has chosen a studio in Georgia as the recording location for his album.

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