Join Mr. Big on their 2024 Farewell Tour

The well-known hard rock band from the 1990s, Mr. Big, is hitting the road again in 2024. They are preparing for an extensive global tour titled “The Big Finish,” commencing in the early part of the year in the United States before heading to the UK and Europe.

The USA leg of the tour kicks off on 12/01/2024 in Houston and runs until 24/02/2024, with the final show in Oklahoma City. The European tour is set to commence in Cologne, Germany, on 17/03/2024, concluding in Luxembourg on 15/04/2024. The tour will take the band through various countries including Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Switzerland, France, and Spain. Notably, several of Mr. Big’s European concerts, such as those in Cologne, Wolverhampton, Paris, Barcelona, and Trezzo sull’Adda, are on the verge of selling out. More details on concert dates, venues, and tickets are available here.

Concert attendees can expect to enjoy songs from the 1991 album “Lean Into It,” as well as some of the greatest hits from their other albums. It’s worth noting that drummer Pat Torpey, one of the group’s founding members, passed away in 2018. However, the original Mr. Big members, Eric Martin, Paul Gilbert, and Billy Sheehan, will be joined by drummer Nick D’Virgilio for the tour.

The Story Behind Mr. Big’s Iconic Name

Mr. Big was formed in Los Angeles in 1988 with the original line-up consisting of Eric Martin (vocals), Paul Gilbert (guitar), Billy Sheehan (bass), and Pat Torpey (drums).

The name of the group comes from the name of the song “Mr. Big” from the group “Free“. Their biggest hit “To Be With You” was released in November 1991. The song is part of the album “Lean into It”. “To Be With You” was the most popular song in 15 countries in 1992.

The group has already held concerts in Japan and Southeast Asia. Mr Big is often used as an example of two phenomena:

  • Big in Japan,“ a musician or a band that has a significantly larger audience in Japan compared to similar bands and
  • Оne-hit wonder,“ a band that has one hit song. Mr. Big has great hard rock songs that once enjoyed popularity. One of them is “Addicted To That Rush”. But Mr Big’s real hit is “To Be With You”.

As a curious addition to this article, it’s worth noting that Mr. Big’s bass guitarist, Billy Sheehan, is also a member of the band Talas. Talas is a rock band that released the excellent hard-rock album “1985” (our recommendation is the song “I’ll Take the Night“) in September 2022, featuring Macedonian guitarist  Kire Najdovski. Kire is a member of the latest line-up of Talas, a band that originated in the late seventies and eighties.

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