Dina Jashari Announced the Song “Ne sum tvoj son”

We are only a few days away from Dina Jashari‘s new single, “Ne sum tvoj son” (I am not your dream). The singer announced the song on Instagram on 15/11/2023 with a somewhat mysterious post – “When a new song?”

We’ve received updated information that the new song by Dina Jashari, titled “Ne sum tvoj son,” is set to debut on 19/11. A snippet of the song has been released, featuring Dina’s distinctive vocals and recognizable singing style. Fans have expressed their excitement and anticipation for the song, showcasing their reactions following the announcement.

This has been an exceptionally busy period for the young Macedonian pop star. She has been actively involved in various regional festivals, and it seems this trend will persist in the future. Following the announcement of her upcoming release, “Ne sum tvoj son,” Dina Jashari is scheduled to travel to Belgrade, Serbia, on 01/12/2023, to take part in the “Zumovanje” festival. The event commemorates the seventh anniversary of the internet radio station “radioAparat” and will feature performances not only by Dina Jashari but also by artists such as Bad Daughter, Bohemia, and the Emma & Jimmy duo.

Zumovanje Festival, Pop Depression
The banner was taken from the Facebook page popdepresija.com

Dina Jashari stands as one of the most popular young Macedonian singers among her peers. She is a multifaceted artist, serving as an author, singer, and producer. Her musical style uniquely blends elements of pop, rock, soul, and jazz. Up to this point, she has released numerous singles and one extended edition titled “Doma”.

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