The Roots of “Boys Beware” by Mad Tsai

Have you listened to Mad Tsai‘s latest single, “Boys Beware,” released on November 10, 2023? If we can trust Spotify about the song credits, then the song is written by Andrew Luce, Drew Polovick, and Tsai himself (born Jonathan Tsai).

This song landed on my screen during my daily research for new popular music. I never heard of Mad Tsai before. When I played the song “Boys Beware” by Tsai for the first time, I felt that I had previously listened to this song. Technically, it was the first time, but I know another song released 20+ years ago sounds similar to Tsai’s “Boys Beware.” That’s the song “Magija” (translation: Magic) by the Macedonian teen pop group Magija from the late nineties.

“Boys Beware” by Mad Tsai, released in 2023 and written by Andrew Luce, Drew Polovick, and Jonathan Tsai.
“Magija” by Magija (performed for the first time in 1998), written by Jovan Jovanov.

Who wrote “Magija” and when was it released?

The song “Magija” (translation: Magic) was written by Macedonian composer and music producer Jovan Jovanov, known as JJ. Magija initially performed the song at MakFest, a music festival held in Shtip in North Macedonia. This song and the band Magija won the first prize that year (1998). The song is part of the album “Pomisluvam na tebe” (Translation: I’m thinking of you). Since 2015, JJ has been living in Toronto, Canada.

Covers and Remixes of “Magija”

The song “Magija” has at least two remixes by JJ himself. Jovan, Vrcak, and Adrian Gaxha made one remix of the song “Magija.” This remix is part of the album “Na Moj Nachin” (Translation: My Way).

JJ released the other one, “Magija (Remix),” in December 2023. Jovan Jovanov himself and Pajak are the artists performing this version of the popular Macedonian song.

I’m still determining if there is a legal case here or not, but one thing is sure. Mad Tsai’s “Boys Beware” easily incorporates the catchy chorus melody from “Magija.” Is this a coincidence, or did “Boys Beware” get its inspiration from “Magija”?

Who Is Mad Tsai?

Taiwanese and part-Peruvian artist with a real name, Jonathan Tsai. He is a brave teenage attraction who performs pop music and has millions of listens on Spotify. The most popular songs by Tsai until now (March 2024) are “Killer Queen,” “Boy Bi,” “That Friend,” and “Stacy’s Brother.”

What Is Mad Tsai Preparing for 2024?

He announced a new EP in 2024 titled “Teenage Nightmare!”. Tsai has scheduled the release of the EP for March 22, 2024.

Tsai will travel to London, England, on May 15, 2024. His concert in London will announce the start of his world tour named “Teenage Nightmare.” (tickets available on Ticketmaster and Vivid Seats)

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