Listen to “Walking On Fire,” Cassidy Paris’ New Single

The young guitarist of Macedonian origin Cassidy Paris released her new single “Walking On Fire,” exactly as announced. The singer and guitarist announced the new song on 02/11, and now fans can enjoy the loud sounds of her guitar.

“Walking on Fire” is Cassidy’s latest single to announce her debut album. “New Sensation” is out on 08/12 under the Frontiers Music srl label. During the same period, the guitarist will be on tour in the United Kingdom. The album comes out a few days after the last concert in London.

Cassidy Paris’ new single ‘Walking on Fire” will also feature on her debut album “New Sensation“. She has already released two EPs, but “New Sensation” will be her first album. Some of the songs on the new album were previously on the two EP releases, but the versions of the announced album will be completely new, re-recorded with different audio-mixing and mastering. The expectation is that this album will be a new experience for those who have already heard the old versions of the songs.

“Yes there are some songs from the EPs but everything’s been re-recorded and remixed and remastered. So it is a combination of new songs and tracks I’ve previously released like “Like I Never Loved You’ which I think is a really strong track and needed to be on there. I feel Like I’d be doing Paul and myself and the fans a little bit of a disservice if a song like that wasn’t on the album especially as my EPs have well and truly sold out now. I think the UK took care of that last year which I was really chuffed about! That tour made me realise how much we needed an album out there and we were just waiting for the right time and the right opportunity, and that right time is now and I’m really excited to do that as part of the Frontiers family. They have a lot of plans for my career which is exciting”.

said Cassidy for Rockpit.

Before Cassidy Paris released “Walking on Fire”, on 11/10/2023, she released “Danger,” the first single from the album “New Sensation”. The young guitarist is part of the Italian global publishing house Frontiers Music.

Cassidy was born in Australia, and she is the daughter of Macedonian guitarist Steve Janevski, who has been part of the rock scene in Melbourne for many years. Currently, Steve is the guitarist in the band Wicked Smile. Cassidy recently spoke about her Macedonian roots and her desire to perform in Macedonia (fingers crossed) in an interview with Urosh Veljkovic.

“I would love to perform in Macedonia. It would make me very proud as it’s a part of my bloodline. I definitely plan to tour as much as possible. So far I’ve performed in Japan, the U.S.A., the U.K., and of course Australia. I’ll be back in the U.K. this November & December and I can’t wait!”

said Cassidy
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