Linecheck 2023 in Milan from 21-25 November

Linecheck 2023 is the forthcoming edition of the music conference and festival hosted in Milan, Italy, arranged by the Music Innovation Hub.

The Linecheck Music Meeting and Festival provides an exclusive chance to delve into the progression of music and uncover the future of the European music industry. It serves as a platform where music professionals convene, exchange knowledge, gain insights, engage in discussions, and explore new music and emerging artists, all while enjoying the experience.

This year, Linecheck 2023 will take place from 21/11 to 25/11. The festival’s program will feature compelling content showcasing new developments in the music scene alongside established music acts. Each day, following the conference segment, there will be an evening dedicated to music, starting from sunset and continuing late into the night.

The conference will feature hundreds of speakers across several panels. It will focus on how modern technologies are changing the music industry. There will be discussions and debates where people can share new ideas and solutions in a more relaxed setting.

The festival program will have plenty of room for different events and performances. Linecheck 2023 will kick off with Francesco Messina and Marta Salogni addressing attendees on 21/11 at 21:00. The musical line-up includes exciting performances by Heith, Price, Paolo Tocci, Piezo, Maris Pihlap, Ava Vegas, and Ich Bin Bob. Moreover, the festival will host a diverse showcase program featuring Radio Raheem, RBL, Noods Radio, 8 Beats, and Refuge Worldwide.

The Challenges of the Web Radio

Linecheck 2023 is like a mix of different events all in one. It combines concerts, a conference, and showcases, making it a big music event. There’s a special part of the festival focusing on web radio and its unique challenges. This part will welcome participation from diverse radio platforms worldwide.

Linecheck 2023: The Closing Party is in Bologna

Linecheck 2023 concludes with a closing party held in collaboration with Robot Festival. The artists headlining this final celebration include Marta Del Grandi, Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul, and Cosmo.

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