Acid Arab – Main Stars of Taksirat

The main stars of Taksirat 25 are set to be Acid Arab. The festival is celebrating its 25th year of musical existence with a fitting music program, and the Parisian band Acid Arab is likely to take center stage. This marks the first occasion for the Macedonian and Skopje audience to witness them perform live, making it an opportunity that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Acid Arab is a distinctive musical collective that originated in the vibrant and multicultural environment of Paris. It was established in 2012 by Guido Minisky and Hervé Carvalho, and shortly after, they were joined by Pierrot Casanova, Nicolas Borne, and Kenzi Bourras. The group gained prominence for their fusion of electronic music with various “oriental” (Arabic) musical elements.

“We are fascinated by eastern music and its codes, such as complex rhythmic structures (binary and ternary superimposing upon each other), which drive dancers to trance just like acid house does. We’d like to take these codes and use analog techno devices (beatboxes, bassline machines) to create something new : an oriental acid music which combines the coldness of techno and the emotional and dramatic power of the East. Our knowledge of the dancefloor is now digested and we have spent night after night digging records and files to know more about arabic music. We don’t want to be standardbearers of mixing whatever, we just want to be of our days. talking about mixing means there’s a split, a binary vision of an occidental vs oriental world – this is has-been. We don’t paste oriental sounds on occidental beats, we want to embody both cultures without pretending to reinvent oriental music or fooling ourselves by believing we’re inventing eastern dance music. We just want to be part of it, and contribute to this brilliant and enormous masterpiece that this music is, and has been for thousands of years.” Acid Arab aka Guido Minisky and Hervé Carvalho“.

Acid Arab a.k.a. Guido Minisky and Hervé Carvalho.

Within their music, this duo skilfully crafts a mesmerizing blend of electronic music infused with sounds from regions like North Africa, Lebanon, Egypt, and Turkey. Their deep fascination with oriental music enables them to construct a potent and intricate rhythm that resonates profoundly with listeners and captivates audiences.

Parisians with an Oriental Sensibility

Acid Arab’s music transcends the mere juxtaposition of oriental sounds with contemporary beats. It represents a fusion of modern sonic elements that converge with oriental music to form a contemporary response to traditional musical forms. The musicians themselves emphasize their desire not only to be part of this tradition but to actively contribute to the legacy of these rich musical sounds. Their music seamlessly melds house and techno with a diverse array of traditional dance music styles spanning from North Africa to the Middle East, encompassing genres like dabke, raï, and chaabi.

Acid Arab has built an impressive discography, including albums like “Acid Arab Collections” (2013), “Musique de France” (2016), “Jdid” (2019), and “٣ (Trois)” (2023). Their discography stands as a testament to the group’s unwavering commitment to carve out a place for Arab culture within the realm of contemporary electronic music.

About Taksirat

Taksirat is a festival organized by Password Production, and its inaugural edition took place back in 1999. This year, Taksirat celebrates its 25th anniversary with a program featuring over 60 concerts and performances at diverse venues in Skopje. The festivities will culminate in a grand finale on 07/12 at the Boris Trajkovski Arena. Tickets for the festival are currently available for purchase through MkTickets.

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