World Hip Hop Dance Championship 2024

Since its beginnings, it has been hard to separate hip-hop from hip-hop dance. Dance was part of the cultural movement, including graffiti, MCing, DJing, and rap battles. Over the years, hip-hop dance evolved and became a cultural phenomenon. The World Hip-Hop Dance Championship is one of today’s biggest and most fun-to-watch dance competitions.

The World Hip Hop Dance Championship is an international event, which means that the best-competing dancers in the world are part of the competition. It’s incredible to witness the creativity, innovation, precision, performance, and years of hard work and practice condensed in just a few minutes on stage. If you are in Phoenix this summer, you can enjoy live dances.

What Is the Biggest Hip-Hop Dance Competition in the World?

The biggest hip-hop dance competition in the world is the World Hip-Hop Dance Championship, created by Hip Hop International. Competition is sometimes referred to as “Hip Hop International.” HHI was founded over twenty years ago by Howard and Karen Schwartz in 2002.

The competition is split into age groups, from juniors 7 to 12 to varsity 13 to 17 and adults over 18. There are also different categories depending on the number of members in the group, so there will be plenty of dancing to enjoy.

The event is more than a simple dancing competition; it includes many workshops by influential and famous choreographers.

When Is the Hip-Hop Dance Championship 2024?

This year, the competition will occur from August 3 to August 10. HHI promises more than 3000 dances from over 55 countries.

Apart from the competition, we already know there will be original dance workshops. These workshops are held by the extremely talented and influential Marie Poppins, Greg Chapkis, Kida the Great, Shaun Evaristo, Jaja Vankova, and Scott Forsyth.

Where Is the World Hip Hop Dance Championship in 2024?

The event will return to Arizona Grand Resort & Spa in Phoenix, Arizona, United States.

Who Won the Awards in the Past?

In 2023, the competition occurred on June 30 in Phoenix, Arizona. The World Hip Hop Dance Championship and Phoenix welcomed over 3000 hip-hop dancers from 55 countries.

The Philippines team HQ won the World Hip Hop Dance Championship 2023. In 2022, the winner was team “Awesome” from Thailand. In 2019 and 2021, the best dancers were the Banda ILL team from Russia.

The most prosperous countries in the competition are Japan, with 46 medals and 14 first places; New Zealand, with 40 medals and 12 first places; Canada, with 32 medals and 12 first-place finishes; the United States, with 32 medals and 11 first-place finishes; and the Philippines, with 22 medals and eight first-place finishes.

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