25 Years of Taksirat – 10 Music Stars in the Main Jubilee Celebration!

Taksirat 25

Taksirat, one of Macedonia’s most enduring and high-quality music festivals dedicated to alternative music, is commemorating its 25th anniversary this year! The grand celebration of the TAKSIRAT 25 is scheduled for 07/12/2023, in Skopje. The organizers have already unveiled the program and the line-up of musical acts that attendees can look forward to.

The highlight of this year’s celebration brings together the TAKSIRAT residents, the renowned artists responsible for some of the most monumental concerts, and those who have not only shaped music genres but have also become synonymous with the “Taksirat” festival, or even more important, the team that has played a pivotal role in the festival’s survival. The Main Night, featuring performances by 10 diverse musical stars, will unfold across three stages set up in Skopje’s Boris Trajkovski Arena. This event will provide a shared platform for the new generation, the contemporary rebellious sound, and the global alternative and transcultural electronic music scene.

Adding to the excitement this year is the arrival of ACID ARAB from France, known for their psychedelic-oriental electronic sound. ACID ARAB is a Parisian music collective celebrated for their transcultural and eclectic mix of musical styles from around the world. Additionally, we can look forward to the genre fusion of DUB FX, an extraordinary Australian musician, visionary, street artist, and social activist. DUB FX will be showcasing his highly anticipated album “Infinite Reflection” at TAKSIRAT 25, and he promises to introduce a new dimension to his live performances.

as per the organizer’s announcement.

Certainly, Taksirat has consistently provided a platform for artists from the Balkan region. This year, the main stage will showcase some of the most prominent Balkan performers, including those with highly successful international careers. Many of them are collaborators and close friends of the organizer, Password Production. Among these artists is the renowned DUBIOZA KOLEKTIV, considered one of the finest bands in the region. They have an impressive track record of winning accolades at the world’s major festivals and setting records with numerous international concerts over the past two decades. Through their performances, they have captured the hearts of audiences from all corners of the globe.

From the Macedonian music scene, Taksirat 25 will feature the esteemed KIRIL DJAJKOVSKI, known as the originator of the global “Balkan beat” phenomenon. With over two decades of experience, he has earned a place among the most respected musical artists in South-Eastern Europe. The local stage will also showcase two legendary acts – the pioneers of metal-core music in Macedonia, SMUT, and the well-established rap artist from the Skopje underground scene, STRAJK.

From the region, alongside “Dubioza Kolektiv” and the previously mentioned LET 3 from Croatia, the main night will include S.A.R.S., the alternative rock band renowned for their innovative musical style and their status as one of the most captivating acts in the regional music scene. Also, SMOKE MARDELJANO, a highly respected figure in Belgrade’s hip-hop scene, representing the rebellious generation, and MIMI MERCEDES, one of the earliest and most prominent female rappers in the Serbian music landscape, will be part of the line-up.

About Taksirat 25

The inaugural edition of TAKSIRAT took place in the distant year of 1999. The journey of Skopje’s “taksisratlii” began at the Youth Cultural Centre. Throughout the succeeding editions, they moved on from some of their venues, but not without leaving an indelible mark through legendary concerts. Their journey included locations such as the Skopje Fair, Metropolis Arena, and various additional halls and spaces all across Skopje. And despite the changes and evolution, TAKSIRAT continues to thrive!

The 25th-anniversary edition of TAKSIRAT (Taksirat 25), is being celebrated with a comprehensive program featuring over 60 concerts and performances held at various venues throughout Skopje. The culmination of this program will be the grand finale, featuring the performances of these 10 musical stars on the Main Night, scheduled for 07/12/2023 at the Boris Trajkovski Arena.

Tickets for the main night of TAKSIRAT 25 are currently available for purchase. The first 1000 buyers will have the opportunity to acquire these tickets at a promotional price of MKD 700. These tickets can be purchased through the McTickets sales network.

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